How To Use Facebook Campus Feature For College Students?

How To Use Facebook Campus Feature For College Students?

As COVID’19 has completely altered our lives, there are a lot of new stunning inventions that are now a huge part of our lives. People cannot meet each other; students cannot physically attend classes and shopping has become a long-gone dream. However, people are trying their best to facilitate others during this time of chaos and confusion. To solve the issue of not being able to attend classes physically, Facebook has recently introduced an impressive new feature ‘Facebook Campus’ which is getting famous amongst students as well as academic institutions. In this article, we will take you around the “Facebook Campus”, of course virtually, all thanks to COVID’19.

How To Use Facebook Campus Feature For College Students?

Facebook Campus Details and Registration

This new feature is specially introduced for college students. Through this feature, students can remain in touch with their classmates virtually. Moreover, it also has a lot of interesting features available in it such as Campus-only newsfeed, group chat rooms, and events. After looking at these exciting details, all the college students must be wanting to become a part of this feature as soon as possible. Joining the Facebook Campus is not a difficult task as the students have to provide them the .edu emails.

This makes sure that all the students that are a part of this feature are actually students and not some online class disruptors. Also, students can find their peers through the college directory option available through this feature and enjoy the virtual campus experience in these stressful times. As it is a feature introduced by Facebook, your Facebook pictures and posts will also be present in this feature. The students have to mention their graduating year when they join the Facebook Campus as it will allow the application to connect them to their classmates. Once you fill all the details, you become a part of the Facebook Campus instantly.

How To Use Facebook Campus Feature For College Students?


As you become a part of this feature, you will have multiple options to customize it according to your own choices. It allows you to remove personal details such as your majors, minors and dorm information, etc. However, the details make sure you connect to the right people.


Currently, this feature is focusing on 30 universities which include Johns Hopkins and Virginia Tech too. Students amongst these universities can interact with their fellow students, however, this feature doesn’t connect people from different universities and surprisingly, Harvard is not a part of this feature. Alumni can also remain a part of this group but their interactions won’t be that interesting obviously.

Moreover, the Facebook policies are exactly the same for Facebook Campus too and if you violate any policy, you will be removed from Facebook Campus. The blocking option is also the same within the Facebook campus and outside the campus too, which means that if you have blocked someone on FB then they won’t be able to find you on Facebook Campus, therefore, be careful when you decide to block one of your annoying classmates on Facebook because they won’t find you on campus too.

This new feature introduced by Facebook is getting popularity and has also increased Facebook engagement. This shows that it’s a smart move as users who initially spent 4-5 hours on Facebook might now spend more than that. Facebook Campus is now ready to provide a very close to reality experience to its users and if you are missing the campus life, Facebook is nowhere to rescue you. It will provide you a relief from the ordinary COVID’19 world as you can interact and stay in touch with your peers, just like the good old days.

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