Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating App and How it works?

Facebook dating after being testing in Colombia for a past year is finally available in the United States. This product is only available for users age 18 and above. Facebook will add a separate and new tab in the Facebook mobile app for people. People who want to access this dating mode on their social media will be able to create a profile that will be separate from their main Facebook profile. This dating profile will help you meet your potential romantic partners. These partners can be among your friends or friends of friends or completely outside of your network.

How does Facebook Dating App work?

However, Facebook dating exists in the Facebook app, but to use the dating app you have to create a separate profile. Only your name and age will be the carried information. Based on your location, preferences and all the factors, this will present to you your potential matches. It will suggest matches for you. These matches will be mostly based on the preferences you expressed while creating your profile and your Facebook activity.

Facebook Dating App

There is one more thing if you don’t like the suggestions you can also choose to match with the people who have attended the same events are on the same Facebook with you. But it doesn’t show you your existing Facebook friends. This option is turned off by default. This Facebook Dating app also allows you to send a like and message to any profile you encounter.

‘Secret Crush’ Feature

Yes, you are not allowed to see your Facebook friends in this dating app. But, you can! There is a special feature on Facebook Dating named ‘Secret Crush’. This feature is used to let you express your interest in up to nine Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Yes, Instagram will also become a part of Secret Crush. Now, your Instagram followers can be your secret crushes too. This does not include celebrities and influencers. This feature is only for those who follow you. If someone picks you as a secret crush or you add someone to your secret crush, you will receive a notification. If you both like each other, Facebook will match you together. Your names will be revealed and you will get a notification letting you know.

Facebook dating Secret Crush

Unique Safety Features of Facebook Dating

Well, Facebook Dating is not only helping you meets your perfect match but it also has many other features for you. There were many dating apps that let you made your ties with only friends of friends. This means the people you already have existing social ties. But this one is doing completely opposite. This will help people who don’t like matching with friends of friends. You will be able to date outside your network.

If you don’t want people to see your dating profile but still want them to have access to your Facebook or Instagram accounts you can simply block them from your dating profile. One of the most exciting safety features that Facebook Dating has introduced is gaining attention. Building upon a well-established safety practice for online dating, this feature is useful for sure.

With this feature, you can tap a shield icon to share details of an upcoming date with a family member or a friend. This will be secure if you are meeting someone for the first time. This will be really helpful for women especially s they can tell details of the date of share a live location with friends and family through Facebook Messenger to be secure in any case. This feature will for sure bring up a safe environment for people while dating and looking for their perfect matches.


What do you think? Will this Facebook Dating app will succeed? Well, if we are to talk about its popularity Facebook has brought the product to 20 countries and that is only under a year. So, we can say that it must have been popular among users. As most of the people are unsatisfied with their current dating apps because they are relatively low. Facebook Dating will, of course, bring the change. It is most likely to say that Europeans will also get access to the Facebook Dating product somewhere around 2020.

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