FACEBOOK DOWN: Sites and apps stopped loading photos

Facebook has stopped working, at the same time WhatsApp and Instagram are also not working.

Website and applications are working but some features are showing issues like image loading, video loading, etc.

Issues are being reported all over the world and people are losing their minds as they are not able to see whatever others are uploading and sending them.

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Why Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp have all crashed?

The reason for the outrage is still unclear, Facebook hasn’t commented on the issue yet or took any notice.

Users are not able to post content on the news feed, see others stories and can not load content on Instagram.

WhatsApp is failing to send or receive messages in many regions.

These 3 social media applications are the major means of communication nowadays so people are having a lot of trouble maintaining balance in their lives right now.

The last time this happened, users had to wait for several hours for the issues to be resolved.

Hashtags such as #InstagramDown #FacebookDown just got popular on social media and it just became an international trend today.

According to Down Detector, users in Europe, the US, South America, and Japan were specifically affected.

If we talk about duration, this outrage is by far the largest outrage we have ever seen.

Outrage report of Facebook

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