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Facebook Gaming App Is Releasing Today

Facebook Gaming App is releasing today, currently, it is only available for android users, but soon it will be available for Apple (iOS) users. You can pre-register on Google Play Store. Facebook Instant Games were only accessible from messenger and Facebook application, but now you can access them directly from this Gaming Application and can play your favorite instant games on it, you can also stream your mobile games, or watch biggest esports and gaming’s top publishers’ streams.

These times are perfect for gaming industries to make good money. Facebook sees this as an opportunity and is ready to invest in “Gaming”.

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Facebook Gaming App

What is Facebook Gaming App?

It is a gaming platform for mobile gamers, with one click you can access your favorite Facebook games, watch live streams, or join gaming groups. During the pandemic, Facebook is providing you entertainment on your smartphones. Facebook Head of Application said

Investing in gaming, in general, has become a priority for us because we see gaming as a form of entertainment that really connects people


Game Live-Streaming

Go live from anywhere anytime, show your mobile-gaming skills to everyone on your Facebook. You don’t need to set up anything, just simply click on Go-Live and you are live on Facebook, these streams are shareable on your gaming pages and profile.

People are watching streams and they’re like, ‘I want to be a streamer,’ and with Go Live it’s literally just a few clicks and then live, you’re a streamer.

Vice President Gaming, Facebook

Join Groups

This application includes gaming-groups, if you are interested in making new gaming friends, you can join those groups.

Facebook Gaming App to challenge Youtube and Twitch

Twitch and Youtube are already dominating PC gaming streams, so Facebook came up with mobile-games streaming. According to Mr. Sharma

With mobile, if you have the app open and you’re using the app, it’s in the foreground. You can’t do anything else on your mobile phone, and that is extremely powerful.

However, many streamers are streaming mobile games on Youtube like PUBG Mobile. So it is going to be challenging to compete against Youtube in that matter. PUBG is the most streamed mobile game on Youtube as well as on Twitch.

Facebook Gaming is improving every year but it is not even close to Youtube and Twitch yet. But it is easier to gain viewers on your Facebook Live stream than on Youtube since you need to gain a good amount of subscribers on Youtube. For Facebook, you can share your streams in different groups and with your Facebook friends.

Also, there will be no ads in the application, but you will be able to send stars, similar to Facebook web live streaming by using actual money.

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