Facebook has announced new features and _Virtual Dating_ is one of them.

Facebook has announced new features and “Virtual Dating” is one of them.

The Virtual Dating feature will soon be available for Facebook users. Zuckerberg recently announced many new features that are coming on Facebook. One of those features is going to challenge Zoom, by allowing video conference of up to 50 participants. Facebook named this feature “Messenger Rooms“. Facebook users can create meetings and invite their friends and classmates to join, even if they are not Facebook users. Soon, they will be adding this feature to Instagram direct too.

Soon we’ll add ways to create rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and Portal, too.

Facebook News

Due to this pandemic, people are advised to stay at home and maintain social distancing. Facebook is introducing new features to make sure you stay in touch with your loved one’s and friends.

Virtual Dating and Other Features

Currently, the government has imposed lockdown in every country, for our safety and health. Food outlets, Shopping-malls, etc are closed everywhere. So, there is no chance for you to go on a real-world date. Zuckerberg came up with a feature “Virtual Dating” in which the online daters will be able to swipe and match to a person. You can either choose to accept or ignore, it is totally up to you. It will be totally random, so if you choose to accept, you guys will be connected on Facebook Messenger via a video call. Facebook came up with a similar feature in 2019 which we also discussed last year. It was a “Facebook Dating Application”, in which anyone with a Facebook account and is older than 18 years old had to set up a dating profile. These matches were mostly based on the preferences expressed while creating the profile and Facebook activity.

Virtual Dating and Other Features

Facebook Virtual Dating Feature Release Date

They are going to release the Virtual Dating feature soon. Zuckerberg said in his latest live-stream:

Video presence isn’t just about calling someone. It’s starting to be a fundamental building block… with lots of different use cases,

Mark Zuckerbeg

Live Video Feature for Facebook

This feature allows you to mark your Event on Facebook “Online” and go “Live”. They are also working on a feature to charge(payment) to join an event on Facebook if it’s a professional event.

Another feature they are working on is “Live with”, it is already available on Instagram, where you can go Live with someone else.

Live Video Feature for Facebook
Virtual Dating

Live Instagram on Desktop

This feature allows you to watch and comment on Live-videos on Instagram from your Desktop. Watch your favorite streams on a bigger screen.

Live Video Feature on Portal

With this feature, you will be able to go live on Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups from Portal.

We have already discussed another feature “Facebook Gaming Application” that is on Google Playstore in another article.

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