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Facebook is developing “Discover App” that will provide free Internet

Recently, Facebook announced that they are working on an application “Discover App” that will provide free internet. Users will get free internet access from their data providers. Since last month, Facebook has introduced many new features to help users during the pandemic. Facebook Messenger Rooms allows users to create and invite even non-FB users. Virtual Dating is a new upcoming feature that will be releasing soon too which will work like “Tinder”. Discover App is a really great initiative since the internet is a necessity during these desperate times. The best thing about this application is even Non-FB users can access it too.

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What is Facebook Discover App?

A new application developed by Facebook that will provide everyone with free data. The application is similar to Facebook’s Free Basic feature which was released years ago. Free Basic allows users to access Facebook even when they don’t have any balance to use the internet. The only drawback is, users are not able to watch videos or view photos using it. The same thing in Discover App, you won’t be able to watch or view videos and photos. However, users will be able to read texts without having the internet. Free basics were for Facebook only, it will allow users to access every website.

Facebook’s only aim to keep people connected during the COVID-19.

What is Facebook Discover App?

How the Application Works?

Discover App is a browser-based application that means you need to download it first then you will receive daily credits from your network-provider. This will allow you to access the internet without any balance. Also, according to Facebook, this application won’t steal or share your data.

Release Date

There is no news on the Release Date of the application. However, Facebook is running the Discover App trials in Peru and plans to launch in the following countries for now.

  • Iraq.
  • Philippines.
  • Thailand.
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