Facebook Added Screen-Sharing in the Messenger App

Facebook Added Screen-Sharing in the Messenger App

Facebook has been introducing a lot of new features lately. Recently, they came up with the “Facebook Messenger Rooms” feature which allows up to 50 participants. They also came up with a Facebook Gaming Application which made streaming much easier than before. Facebook is also working on its “Catchup” application which is a Facetime alternate. Also, they added a new feature to messenger this year, which is Screen-sharing. This feature can be accessed during a call on the messenger. While you are on call, you have to drag the bottom function panel up.

According to Messenger News:

Screen sharing allows people to instantly share their screen with friends and family one-on-one or in a group video call with up to eight people, and up to 16 people in Rooms, while using Messenger on their mobile devices. We know people are trying to stay connected more than ever, and screen sharing is the latest feature we’re rolling out to bring people closer together.

Facebook Added Screen-Sharing in the Messenger App

The Facebook Sharing Screen feature is also available on Desktop Messenger. Lock-down is doubling the demand for video-chat on social media networks. During the pandemic, screen-sharing is the best way to share memories or shop online. Teach someone a skill or something.

Whether you want to share memories from your camera roll, shop together online, co-browse social media, and more – screen sharing makes it easy to stay connected and close with your loved ones, even when you’re physically apart.

This feature is also available in the “Messenger Rooms” and the screen can be shared to up to 16 people at a time. It is available on both Android and iOS messenger application. Facebook also introduced a new feature for its Instagram application similar to TikTok called “Instagram Reels“. However, it’s only available in specific countries like India.

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