Facebook Smartwatch Specs, Features, and Release Date

Facebook Smartwatch Specs, Features, and Release Date

Facebook is known all over the world for its efficient services that connect people all across the globe. Based in California, this social media platform was launched 14 years ago and currently has more than 2.8 billion users. With this amount of success, Facebook has acquired many of its competitors to stay in the limelight. Another interesting feature is its availability in 111 languages.  However, Facebook is now planning to launch its own smartwatch and the users can’t keep calm as they are aware that this smartwatch launched by Facebook will be able to make its mark in the industry.

Android and Facebook Smartwatch

Yes, you heard it right! Facebook is probably going to partner with Android to launch its much-anticipated Facebook Smartwatch. Having an android operating system is surely a plus point for Android users as they trust this operating system more than any other OS. Certain rumors also suggest that Facebook is planning to launch its own operating system soon and will shift to that once the system is all set to be introduced in the market. We are all well-aware of the fact that Facebook is working on its own virtual reality projects for a long time. Portal and Oculus are the two outputs of Facebook’s virtual reality projects. The success of these two shows that Facebook will easily gain entry into any market and would rule it too.

Facebook Smartwatch Specs, Features, and Release Date

Customer Base and privacy concerns

Another question that pops into our minds is about the target customers of this smartwatch. Since many smartwatches are available in the market and have been successful too, Facebook is focusing all its attention to target the right set of users. As people are familiar with the old smartwatches, it could be difficult for Facebook to gain their trust.

Moreover, the watch will have access to user data which will allow it to track their health data and update them accordingly. Unfortunately, Facebook has a bad track record with consumer data and it might create an issue for the smartwatch as some consumers may not be comfortable sharing their data with a social media website that was not able to protect it in the past.

Therefore, Facebook will have to increase its trustworthiness amongst its users in order to gain access to their data which will enable Facebook to launch its smartwatch successfully. A smart display was launched by Facebook to see the reaction of the general public towards the smartwatch, privacy issues were brought up by some people but the reaction was limited to a few people, so Facebook might give it a try now.

Facebook Smartwatch Specs, Features, and Release Date

Facebook Smartwatch Spectacular features and Release Date

Facebook Smartwatch will have messaging, fitness, and health features to benefit its users. All these features seem like a dream come true for many of the Facebook users as they are truly waiting for its interesting and distinct features to be launched soon as it has always met its customer’s expectations and sometimes exceeded them when it comes to new features. So, this smartwatch’s launch is surely keeping the users at the edge of their seats. There are many rumors about its launch date but most of the reports signal the fact that it will be launched next year i.e. 2022.

Now, the users have a whole year to judge its worth and features and decide whether they need these features or not.  This will help the target users to make their decision in a better and informed way. As Facebook has never let its users down so we are pretty sure that this smartwatch will be one of a kind too.

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