Major Films and TV Shows Delayed due to COVID-19

Fast 9, A quiet place 2 and many other films and TV Shows delayed because of COVID-19

Many TV shows and film production and shooting of the movies in certain parts of the world are canceled because of the new breakout of coronavirus (COVID-19). Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a worldwide pandemic and people are framing out everywhere in the world right now. The US has banned flights from Europe as Itlay was badly hit with the virus with a number of death and people infected increased.

However, people became more panic-stricken when the virus hit the USA. Government and officials have been canceling many projects to stop the virus to transmit further.

Disneyland was also closed in order to be quarantined. People are showing those panic on Twitter as the virus keeps circulating around the world.

The virus originated from Wuhan which is the capital of Hubei province China. However, the Chinese government state that the number of patients has declined in China and more than 80 thousand people have recovered from the deadly virus which resembles flu-like symptoms.

However, there are many Hollywood projects that have been canceled because of the worldwide panic.

Mission Impossible 7

Mission impossible 7’s shooting has been delayed. There were some sequences that needed to be shoot in Italy. Italy is the worst hit by the virus in Europe right now so it makes sense why they canceled shooting. But, there is no news yet if the release date will be extended or not.

Mission Impossible 7th sequel is also delayed because of COVID-19

Fast and Furious 9

The easy and Furious movie franchise has managed to make 5.9 billion at the box office till now. Fast 9 was all set to be released in May. The trailer was released and everything was going very smoothly. But, they have delayed the movie release to a year now because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Fast and Furious 9: Featuring John Cena and bringing Han back.

Fast 9 delayed because of COVID-19

It makes sense why they are afraid when it comes to the release date. They want it to be a hit too and do well at the box office. The virus can be bad for the success of the movie at the box office. But, fans were shocked that they extend the date to a year now.

People in America are more panicked than before as Tom Hanks also got infected and became the first American celebrity infected by the virus.

A Quiet Place 2

A quiet place one was a good hot and it earned more than 200 million at the box office. The sequel is ready to be released. The sequel has Cillian Murphy and Emily blunt back at the big screens to fight the monsters who prey by hearing the sounds.

A Quiet Place 2 teaser, absolutely terrifying.

Universal is also changing the release days for the upcoming sequel because of the virus. The new dates will be released soon.


Universal Mulan is also affected because of the disease spreading faster day by day. It is the right way and can save the project from eating bad at the box office.


After the famous CW show production team got contact with someone with a COVID-19 positive, they stopped the production. The series was in the process of shooting its fourth season in Vancouver. We lately got to see many turns in this tv show, like jughead faking his own death in season 4 to expose the stonies, and he finally did it in the latest episode.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.