Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw

Fast and furious is one of the world-famous film series. Released back in the 1990s the movie is interesting and has been fan favorite for more than a decade now.

Fast and furious lost one of the main lead Paul Walker. Sadly, the actor died in a brutal car crash. However, Vin diesel and the other cast and crew left no stone unturned to make the series stronger even after the death of the most famous actor on the planet.

Fast and Furious: The fate of Furious was the eighth installment of the highly anticipated film series.

Now the fast and furious is returning to the screen. But it is not returning with all the cast and crew. It is returning with Hobbs and Shaw.

These are the characters of the fat series. They played vital roles in some parts of the series.

Similar To Fast and Furious

You must remember this part of the series. It had Pual Walker and Tyrese Gibson. Hobbs and Shaw are similar to this part. However, we might see other parts like this in this series in the future.

We saw a solo movie with Tyrese and Paul. But they were friends and already a part of a group that deals with each other like true pals.

However, we saw something similar to fast 2 but not entirely equal.

Enemies Become Frenemies: Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw

If you have watched all the fast and furious series then you know their fact. The enemies who stick for too long become friends and more like part of Diesel’s group.

This what happened with Hobbs and Shaw. They were enemies back in the previous movies and now they are friends fighting the bad guys with Ultra big bad guy weapons. Classic

A Fail to show “Familyhood”

We have been watching the Fast and Furious movies and series for a long now. We know the heartwarming feeling we feel when Vin Diesel says that You are a family. But the movie really lacked this feeling and element.

Hobbs has a brother and shaw has a sister with whom both of them share a rocky relationship and the end they put their differences aside and be a family again. Cute but no what we have been watching for a decade. We loved and miss our old crew of Fasties.

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Bad Guys With Disney Humor:

However, the movie was not what we expected. The movie had a very light and Disney kind of Humor. If you look closely you will find very light humor This is something different and a little different then what we have witnessed for a year, however, we loved the change and we definitely loved and enjoyed the movie

A competition For Future Mission Impossible Series

Yes, the fats can be a lethal competition for future Mission Impossible series which is the longest-running James Bond look-alike movie The future Fast and Furious movies can be a little threat to the future Mission Impossible as well.

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