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Find Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) The Breaker of Worlds – Atlas Hunt Location

Need help determining the Atlas Hunt Location? You’re not the only one. This step-by-step article covers both the Atlas Hunt location and how to get there. 

Find Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) The Breaker of Worlds - Atlas Hunt Location

How to Find Atlas in FF16?

Visit Hunt Board

Nektar the Moogle has a Hunt Board in the Hideaway. On it, you can see flyers from concerned civilians detailing monster locations. And while the locations are pretty vague, they are helpful nonetheless.

Visit this Hunt Board to get clues about Atlas’ location. You’ll see an urgent notice to all Cursebreakers. It warns them to immediately stop all work in the region and not proceed further than the village gate. 

The reason? The discovery of a fallen giant in the Rosarian ruins the Cursebreakers were investigating. There is a risk of the echo awakening in their presence. So they’re warned against any further action without Cid’s express permission.

Travel to Martha’s Rest  

From the Hunt Board, you now know that the giant is in Rosaria. But which ‘village gate’ are they talking about? The answer to this is pretty simple once you think about it. Ask yourself, “What’s the largest active town open to Clive and company in Rosaria?” Martha’s Rest, of course. Fast travel to the obelisk in Martha’s Rest and move on to the next step.

Head to Cressida

From Martha’s Rest, head north out of the village until you reach the Greensheaves area. This is on a bridge so cross it before summoning a mount. Then ride east to the Cressida area. You’ll encounter some enemies along the way, but it’s best to ride past them. 

There’s a narrow pathway to a circular arena at the end of the Cressida area. Fallen ruins surround the circular arena. And in the midst of everything is Atlas, The Breaker of Worlds. This S rank enemy is inactive when you enter the clearing. But once you get close, a cutscene triggers and he awakens. You now need to fight and defeat him.

Battle Tips 

  • Atlas swings his energy sword in special attacks like Golden Section and Saber Dance. Dodge these at the right time or use Titanic Block.
  • The Celestial Sphere special attack features some delayed energy beams. Make sure to dodge them.
  • Atlas’s melee attacks have slow windup and recovery times. Dodge, keep an eye out for an opening, and attack before he recovers.
  • You get 50 Renown, 15000 EXP, 120 Ability Points, 1 Fallen Iron, 1 Orichalcum, and 20,000 Gil for defeating Atlas.
Find Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) The Breaker of Worlds - Atlas Hunt Location


You can find Atlas in Rosaria, in a circular arena at the end of Cressida. We hope this article on Atlas Hunt Location helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.