How to find Gaspar Stilbian location in Diablo 4

How to find Gaspar Stilbian location in Diablo 4

Trying to track down Gaspar Stilbian and not having any luck? This guide on How to find Gaspar Stilbian location in Diablo 4 will tell you exactly where to find this rare enemy. Along with how to beat him, and the rewards you get as a result.

How to find Gaspar Stilbian location in Diablo 4

Who is Gaspar Stilbian?

Gaspar Stilbian is a human outlaw Super Unique Monster in Scosglen. These are powerful Enemies you can find roaming each region. They can be challenging to beat and are usually a higher level than you. But they have Class specific drops and are great for farming Legendary items.

How to find Gaspar Stilbian 

Gaspar Stilbian is in Scosglen at The Scar. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you find him.

Head East of Tirmair Waypoint 

To find Gaspar Stilbian, first fast travel to the Tirmair waypoint. From there, head east towards the Whispering Pines dungeon. Gaspar Stilbian is in the Highland Wilds on the eastern side, left of the dungeon.

Locate Lava-Covered Entrance 

As you move east towards the dungeon, you will eventually come across an area with demons. Search the northern part of this area. You will see something like a lava-covered entrance into the mountain. 

Find Gaspar Stilbian

Once you’re at the lava entrance, you should see the elite boss named Gaspar Stilbian. He is human-looking and surrounded by a red glow. If you don’t see him in the lava entrance, it’s likely another player just killed him. In such a case, wait a couple of minutes for Gaspar Stilbian to respawn. 

How to find Gaspar Stilbian location in Diablo 4

Gaspar Stilbian Fight 

While Super Unique Monsters can be challenging, defeating Gaspar Stilbian is easy. This is because this monster doesn’t attack you. Instead, he stands in place, waiting to die. 

With Gaspar Stilbian’s lack of offense, the fight is pretty straight-forward. All you need to do is deal enough damage to deplete his health and you win. The best way to do this is up close with melee attacks, but you can take him down any way you wish. 


As mentioned before, Super Unique Monsters have Class specific drops. Gaspar Stilbian drops the Unique Rare Outcast’s Handwraps upon his death. The Sorceress class can equip these. They increase Incinerate and add Fire Damage over time.

Other than that, defeating Gaspar Stilbian also gets you five Crushed Beast Bones. You can use these to upgrade Potions at The Alchemist.


To find Gaspar Stilbian, head east of the Tirmair waypoint till you reach The Scar. You’ll find this rare enemy in the lava-covered mountain entrance. We hope this guide on How to find Gaspar Stilbian location in Diablo 4 helps. As always, happy gaming!

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