Finding ChatGPT's Weaknesses

Finding ChatGPT’s Weakness: A Comprehensive Guide

ChatGPT devoured the AI industry with its incredible human-like answers and exceptional composition. But, everything has its limits, and surely computers that made by human beings. So, here we are going to give you a Comprehensive Guide to Finding ChatGPT’s Weaknesses. 

When you use ChatGPT for the first time, it feels unnatural in a way we can’t explain. It’s like a ChatBot is giving us answers better than we could give to someone else in the same scenario. 

That being said, it isn’t like a situation in which Robot is going to take our jobs away, especially if the job is related to writing. But that is only the first impression of OpenAI’s ChatGPT because when you use it for an extensive period, things start to reveal themselves.

So, in order to soothe your soul and make sure you are safe with your writing job, we compiled this Guide on Weakness of ChatGPT. After this, you will be able to find the loophole and use it to your advantage. Therefore, buckle up and enjoy your trip to ChatGPT’s Weaknesses.

What is the ability of ChatGPT and what’s it for?

Before we actually jump straight to the topic of the Comprehensive Guide on Finding ChatGPT’s Weakness, let’s talk a bit about what’s the ability of ChatGPT and what’s it for.

Coming to the abilities: Just like any other AI Chatbot out there, ChatGPT has been trained on data and made with a specific AI model. It can talk with you in a human-like behavior, or at least it tries to talk in that manner. More on Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT.

Coming to the purpose: ChatGPT is made to answer your questions and it can be related to making content, debugging code, writing it, manipulating data, tutoring, explaining, and so on. 

Finding ChatGPT’s Weaknesses

As we already mentioned that ChatGPT is an AI Model Trained using a specific language mode. It means that the ChatGPT can get as good as the model it was trained on. Like when you give it a certain type of religious question, it doesn’t answer it because the model wasn’t trained on that.

It is a robot, so it is kind of obvious the text will be inaccurate, might be offensive, or could be kind of off. The data that was taken might have had certain inaccuracies which could be the result of such issues. 

So, all in one, the ChatGPT is a language Model that tries its best but the Weakness can be related to its model or the data it was trained on. Let’s get started with the Weakness of ChatGPT.

Not Understanding Language Complexity

Not Understanding Language Complexity

We spend years learning a language, understanding its core, and then experiencing the replies. But, we aren’t still sure whether it is the full capacity of that language or not. ChatGPT suffers from the same type of issue because it can’t fully comprehend the Language Complexity and understand it. 

It takes in your question and tries to answer it. The fun part is that the more your question, the more it trains itself for your questions and tries to give better answers. Still, the one weakness of ChatGPT is the wording behind it, which it can’t fully understand.

Reliance on Conversation

ChatGPT Reliance on Conversation

As we mentioned ChatGPT trains itself on the conversation it has with you and tries to give you better answers. This thing might go in the favor of ChatGPT, but what if I tell you it kind of is the other way around? 

Let me explain that! When you ask ChatGPT about a certain thing and you know it will give you the answer of No in return. You can actually persuade ChatGPT by asking questions that go in the opposite of the answer given. Then, you can ask the same answer and ChatGPT will say Yes to your first Question.

Not something Professional

ChatGPT Conversation isn’t professional

While the first impression of ChatGPT answer is pretty much impressive because we are having answers from a ChatBot but once you start reading the things again and again, you notice there is something missing.

Yes, students are letting ChatGPT write essays, some are letting it code for them, while some simply have a Best Friend to talk with. But, the one weakness of ChatGPT is its lack of Professionalism. 

Remember when we first mentioned ChatBots not taking away our jobs in the Comprehensive Guide on Finding ChatGPT’s Weaknesses? Well, that is exactly what we mean by that.

Let me explain it further! ChatGPT gives you answers that are much more on the ground level, and easy to understand to even unskilled youth. But in the eyes of a Professional… say, a Professional Essay writer, there is no comparison with him/her. The same goes with the Coders because they are already picking the stuff from Google and using their expertise to put things together. 

More Play-able Text

ChatGPT More Play-able Text

For the people who are publishing research papers on ChatGPT that it can replace writing jobs in the future or it can revolutionize stuff is just a lie. ChatGPT gives you Play-able text, meaning something you enjoy or based on a big boom. 

All social media is just based on popularity and misinformation. Surely, ChatGPT is a tool that you can use to get a kick-start on things or ideas but that text doesn’t have feelings, emotions, or human things inside. 

It is just a copy of the text from another text, while it gives the information based that could blow your mind away till your start noticing the real stuff. So, that is also a Weakness of ChatGPT.

It is a Copy of the Text

ChatGPT gives a Copy of the Text

You might not have noticed it but ChatGPT throws out similar text again and again in a loop. It looks kind of strange to someone who is a writer because the copied text is the worst thing that could happen.

Similarly to that, when you ask for some research or something technical or nontechnical to ChatGPT like a Poem, a part of an Essay, or something related to Technology, it will take parts from some research Papers and put them out there. 

After going onwards with the Chat, you will notice the same texts are thrown at you again and again.

Poor Evaluation

ChatGPT Poor Evaluation

In the process of Finding ChatGPT’s Weaknesses, we also find out that the initial start of ChatGPT is exceptional. Just like we already mentioned in the Comprehensive Guide to ChatGPT Weaknesses, it gives you Play-able content which blows your mind at first till your start reading.

Usually, the final lines of ChatGPT or the evaluation (which is the main part of any sentence) are poor here. ChatGPT doesn’t know how to end a top like a pro or even like an amateur. It gives you only the structure of the article.

Ask ChatGPT about the Lai and tell it to generate one. The initial start is going to be amazing but the last line is going to be poorly evaluated.

You can also ask ChatGPT about the reason, but it will generally reply like a Student who isn’t present in the class and tried to make up for it will dull explanations. 

If you are having trouble accessing ChatGPT, check out our guide on How to Fix ChatGPT Down here.

Our Take on the Weakness of ChatGPT

Well, as you proceed onwards with ChatGPT, you begin to notice all the flaws. It looks similar to an online argument where the other doesn’t really know what he/she is talking about but here ChatGPT does admit it is wrong. Sometimes the ChatGPT knew the reason for being wrong as well, which might point out your feeling side and you might forgive ChatGPT. 

But, in reality, it is the other way around because the take on this matter is completely terrible. ChatGPT is not here to take your job and neither provide you with an expert answer. It is just a representation of AI in form of a ChatBot. Still, to all the people out there who said you could make a fortune, write proper essays, take away the need for a professional writer, coding expert, or so on, they should come and read this Comprehensive Guide on Finding ChatGPT’s Weaknesses. 

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