Netflix Firefly Lane Season 2: Is Johnny Dead?

Netflix Firefly Lane Season 2: Is Johnny Dead?

Netflix Firefly Lane has attracted a big audience. The series also became trending on Netflix’s Top 10. It received good reviews from the viewers and the audience as well. Firefly Lane is about two friends Tully and Kate. They have been best BFFs their whole life. The show has 10 episodes. We see their friendship in the early days of the 1970s, their college phase, and then their mid-life crisis. They have been friends for 30 years. It is refreshing to see their friendship. Shows like Virgin River and This is us are full of emotional rollercoasters.

Is Netflix Firefly Lane Season 2 Happening?

Fans are wondering if there is going to be Firefly Lane Season 2. Netflix has not announced yet if there is going to be a season 2 of the show yet. It typically takes Netflix four weeks to 6 months to reveal if they are going to renew the show, considering the ratings and audience. If the show is hit they immediately reveal their plan for the show.

Firefly Lane Season 2


Season one of the show ended without answering a lot of questions. We saw happy moments between Tully and Kate. But, a few minutes before the final episode everything changed. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Fans are wondering if Johnny is dead? Kate is upset after finding out that Tully sleeps with Johnny. However, fans are intrigued if their friendship can bear something like this?

Ben Lawson, the actor who plays Johnny on the show , revealed if Johnny will live or not?

He said this during an interview;

“If they were to follow the story of the book, then you know Johnny’s going to live to fight another day. But then they’ve deviated from the book a little bit so far, so I don’t know what they’ve got planned.” He added of Tully and Kate’s falling out: “It’s such a strong female show, I don’t think anyone wants to see the male rip the friends apart. So I think that it’s going to be something to do with Marah.

If they are going to follow the books, then we might see Johnny in the second season of the show. However, fans agree that Tully and Kate’s friendship should not end because of a male character.

Ali, who plays Tully’s younger self said this about the character:

“I would love a true 1970s house party. That’s my dream.” As for Roan Curtis, who plays young Kate: “I want Kate to have a love story. I just think it’d be so cute and so cool if Kate had like a little awkward first encounter, a first date type feel with a boy and first relationship, and then Tully can kind of help her through and all that.”

Release Date

There is no news about the release date of Season 2 yet. The show was released in February 2021. Netflix mostly releases the new season of the show on their first year anniversary. We might get the second season of the show in February 2022.

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