Presenting Five New Fortnite Weapons Season 5 - Know Pros and Cons

Presenting Five New Fortnite Weapons Season 5 – Know Pros and Cons

The wait for Fortnite season 5 is finally over with some new exciting changes in maps, battle passes, and of course one of the most fascinating collections of new Fortnite weapons.

The theme of the newly arrived Fortnite season 5 is a blend of some real-world crossover era and hunters, resulting introduction of a fascinating arsenal of weapons that offers a new level of experience to gamers.

However, EPIC has also vaulted some weapons to serve a perfect assortment of weapons. 

It’s time to know about all Fortnite vaulted weapons and even Fortnite unvaulted weapons.

This time, EPIC has added new weapons provoking the curiosity of players to avail their skins and practice them rigorously to dominate the battlefield.

However, players need to spend some amount for the skins which can be a little hectic.

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List of New Fortnite Weapons Season 5: Let’s Explore Them Briefly 

Players have eagerly waited for the Fortnite new season 5, especially for the addition of new weapons that have augmented their experience. Let’s explore the specialty of newly added guns:

The Mandalorian’s Amban Sniper Rifle

The gun has been derived from the aspiration of Star Wars which is a hybrid spinner and melee tool. With the powerful impact even from the long-range side, the Amban rifle engages enemies and is easy to switch during close encounters. 

  • Pros: High damage, sniper cum melee weapon, unique design 
  • Cons: low ammo, precise aiming for better effectiveness.

Dragon’s Breath Shotgun

A highly efficient shotgun also known as a close encounter beast with massive damage output in close encounters. A perfect and fiery weapon for aggressive players who love to deal close combat.

  • Pros: Massive damage capability
  • Cons: Slow reloading time, very limited range 

The boom exotic weapon

With massive explosive rounds, the gun into a formidable tool that majorly assists in dealing with a group of enemies and building structures. The gun provides an amazing way to put your enemy under pressure and make them attentive while quick rush. 

  • Pro: Consist of ramshackle rounds to explode huge area, 
  • Cons: Need exact and targeted aiming low ammo load 

Night Hawk

The name of the gun perfectly defines its capabilities as an exotic scoped revolver helping players to see even at night with thermal scope vision. A perfect weapon for long-range combats. 

  • Pros: Improved visibility with thermal scope, high accuracy
  • Cons: Slow rate of fire, limited damage

The Dub

The dub recoil is very powerful as it is a heavy double-barrelled shotgun with a fiery impact on opponents. This is generally used for quick mobility and escape by reaching high grounds. 

  • Pros: Severe damage, heavy recoil benefit for mobility 
  • Cons: Require rigorous practice for recoil control, effective in short-range 

List of Season 5 Fortnite Vaulted and Unvaulted Weapons

As we all know, Fortnite has made enough effort to grab the attention of players and make the game quite fascinating. However, they have also vaulted and unvaulted a few weapons indulging players to discover new tactics and strategies with newly added guns. Below is the list of Fortnite vaulted weapons and unvalued weapons. 

Fortnite vaulted weapons for season 5

  • Double barrel shotgun
  • Firetrap
  • Shockwave grenade
  • Combat shotgun 
  • Tactical SMG
  • Pump shotgun 
  • Revolver

Fortnite unvalued weapons for season 5

  • Heavy assault rifle
  • Tactical assault rifle 
  • Submachine gun 
  • Pistols
  • Volt action rifle 

Since Fortnite has launched season 5 with a collection of newly added guns, players are seeking them curiously. Along with this, players are spending a good amount of currency for weapons skins. However, it can be challenging for every player to buy heavily priced skins. 

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