How to Fix Apex Legends Xbox Clips Freezing

How to Fix Apex Legends FPS Drop

Apex Legends is considered the best FPS to ever bless the gaming community. Some might argue with various points, but still, it is in the top 3. Respawn Entertainment has the attention of millions of players, sometimes crashing the game or causing fps to drop for the players that are playing. Yes, there are some ways you can tackle that and here in our guide on How to Fix Apex Legends FPS Drop, we got you covered.

How to Fix Apex Legends FPS Drop

Why is there FPS Drop?

There are two things that might be causing your game to have FPS Drop than usual. It might be because of some type of hardware limitation or it could also be because of the network issue. Both of these could be the reason.

You can check the Minimum Requirements of your system and that alone can help you fix most of the issues. Apex Legends is a demanding game, that requires both a great internet connection, as well as a spectacular system to play.

First things first, you need to check the minimum requirements of your system and look at the fact that whether you can play the game smoothly or not.

Then you can just check your Internet Connection through a Speed Tester or Ping through a Ping Tester. If you are on Data, then don’t even go through this guide, get a proper WiFi or Ethernet Internet Connection first. After all of this is done, you can follow on with your amazing guide.

How to Fix Apex Legends FPS Drop

Check and Change the Server!

At the beginning of our Apex Legends High Ping guide, we mentioned that mostly it is because of the servers filling up, more than they were supposed to be. Apex had somewhat, issues related to its servers from the very beginning, so that’s quite something to look at.

So, don’t blame your system or internet connection, just try to look at the Downdetector to check out the Apex Legends Server issues.

In case you get server issues for the Apex Legends, then it’s the only thing causing the game to have FPS Drop or lower FPS than usual, interfering with your game.

You can change the Game Servers in Apex Legends, which is the beauty of this game. In the “Data Centers”, you can change the servers and we recommend you stick with the one with better stats. Something good looks like under 120 ms, and zero latency.

  • Start Apex Legends
  • Press Tab
  • Data Center will appear
  • Select Server

Game Update

Apex Legends and updating don’t get together quite well. Yes, that is another issue, unlike servers. When the new update pops up, the launcher won’t show you the update and even sometimes, it will just start the game without updating the game itself.

It can cause the performance of Apex Legends to just drop and become trash. In order to tackle that, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Launcher through which you launch Apex Legends (Origin, Steam, and so on)
  • Select Apex Legends
  • Click on Update

That’s it!

Verify Game Files

The father of all fixes in any game is Verifying their Game Files. It can only be done on Steam, so players playing through this launcher can go for this one. It is a genuine one that can sometimes improve FPS, performance, fix glitches, and bugs, and restore corrupted game files.

In order to Verify the Apex Legends Game Files, follow the steps below;

  • Open Steam
  • Go to Library
  • Right-click on Apex Legends
  • Go to Properties
  • Click on the Local Files Tab
  • Click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”

Wait some time and it will fix the issue.

Changing in-game Settings

After trying all the things to Fix Apex Legends FPS Drop and there is nothing working. Just change the in-game settings on your system.

  • Disable V-sync, Dynamic Spot Shadows, Ambient Occlusion Quality, and Volumetric Lighting
  • Lower settings on Sun Shadow Coverage and Detail, Model and Effect Details, Ragdolls, and Impact Marks
How to Fix Apex Legends FPS Drop - Changing in-game settings

Update GPU Drivers

GPU Drivers are another thing that can mess up your game completely, from beginning to end, causing issues like crashing, fps drop, lagging, higher ping, and so on.

  • In case you are on Nvidia, just download the Nvidia Experience and it will download the latest gaming drivers for you.
  • On the other hand, if you are on AMD, just download the AMD Adrenaline and it will download the latest gaming drivers for you.

Update Network Drivers

Once again, drivers are deal breakers here. Ping and FPS is connected to your Network and getting the latest ones might fix your issue here. Here’s How to Update Network Drivers for Apex Legends.

  • Right Click on your Windows Logo
  • Go to Device Manager
  • Right Click on Network Adapters
  • Update Driver

You can do the same with Display Adapters and other Adapters as well.

Disable Fullscreen Optimization

Windows does the gaming things wrong… every time! The Full Screen Optimization was made to enhance your gaming, but it went the other way around here. Just Disable the Full-Screen Optimization for all your games and it will fix the issues immediately. It is a lengthy process, so, you can just follow the guide here to Disable Full Screen Optimization.

Disabling Xbox Game Bar and DVR

  • Go to your Windows Settings
  • Type in Xbox
  • Go to the app
  • Disable everything there
  • Also, turn off the Game DVR from there
  • Then go to Gaming
  • Turn off the Video and Audio recording
  • Click OK

Restart your system and start Apex Legends afterward.

Unplug everything Extra, Close Applications, and throw them away!

The Final thing we have here to solve the FPS Drop issue in your Apex Legends is to simply unplug everything and plug in the things you are using like Controller, Keyboard/Mouse, and so on.

Before playing the game, do a clean restart and then go to Task Manager. Remove the excessive things from there. Then start the game and enjoy.


Apex Legends might be one of the best existing FPS games to bless the community, but that doesn’t mean they are free from those frustrating issues like fps loss, high ping, and so on. Just go through our guide to Fix Apex Legends FPS Drop.

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