Fix Generative Fill not Showing in Adobe Photoshop

How to Fix Generative Fill not Showing in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is considered the Grandfather of Graphics Software. Recently Adobe also announced their step into the Artificial Intelligence era, showcasing Adobe Firefly Generative Fill – A Generative AI. It is a new feature in Adobe Photoshop, but not all of us have the Generative fill being shown. Don’t worry, here in this article, we are going to help you Fix Generative Fill Not Showing in Adobe Photoshop.

How to Fix Generative Fill not Showing in Adobe Photoshop

What is Generative Fill?

Adobe Photoshop has a new feature named Generative Fill that is backed up by Adobe Firefly. The latter is a Generative AI made by Adobe, utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

Using it, you will be able to enhance the shadows, perspective, reflections, lighting, and much more. With that being said, you don’t have to do all of this yourself.

You can also utilize various text prompts to remove, add, make, or do anything with your images. It removes the need to do minute things yourself on images.

Therefore, Generative Fill is the future of editing in Photoshop, giving you a seamless experience while editing and making small adjustments.

How to Fix Generative Fill not Showing in Adobe Photoshop

Why is Generative FIll not Showing in Adobe Photoshop?

The obvious reason for Generative Fill not showing is that you don’t have the latest version of Photoshop with you. Generative Fill is the latest feature of the software and is included in the beta version m.2181.

Check the Photoshop Version in Help and then go to System Info. At the end of the number, you want to see m.2181. If you don’t have it, get the latest version (beta m.2181 or later) installed.

Fixed Generative AI Not Showing in Adobe Photoshop

  • Update Photoshop (Beta) to the latest version 24.6
  • Add age on Behance
  • Reinstall Photoshop Beta

Updating Photoshop

Go to your Creative Cloud and proceed to the Updates section. From there click on Check for Updates and let it update to 24.6 version. Relaunch Photoshop and check whether Generative AI is showing or not.

Behance Age

Go to your Creative Cloud and go to the bottom. On the left side of the bar, you will find Behance. Select it and add your account. From there, add your Age as well. You need to be above 18 to use Generative Fill. Check on your Photoshop Software after that to see whether Generative Fill is available or not.

Reinstalling Photoshop

Again, go to your Creative Cloud App, and from there go to All Apps. There will be three dots which you have to click on. After that, you have to select Uninstall Photoshop and Reinstall Photoshop the way you did the first time.

The Verdict

Adobe is also taking a step into Artificial Intelligence, making things easier and more efficient through its Generative Fill powered by Adobe Firefly. It is a feature of Photoshop in the latest Beta Update that allows you to change shadows, overhaul your pictures, remove, add, and do much about anything with just a click, in seconds. In order to fix Generative Fill not showing in Adobe Photoshop, you need to update the app, put in your age on Behance, and reinstall the software itself.

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