How to Fix GTA 5 FiveM reshade not working

How to Fix GTA 5 FiveM reshade not working

Reshade is a post-processing injector for games made by Crosire. You can even use it on your Video Software. Using this, you can put various effects in your games and videos like depth of field, corrections for colors, ambient occlusion, and so on. Here in this guide, we will be sharing with you details on How to Fix GTA 5 FiveM reshade not working.

How to Fix GTA 5 FiveM reshade not working

What’s the reason?

The obvious reason for the GTA 5 Reshade not working is an update. You are using the previous version and that doesn’t work anymore in FiveM. Furthermore, there are some files that are missing from the plugin that you need to copy and paste from your GTA 5 File Location.

Fix GTA 5 FiveM reshade not working

In order to Fix GTA 5 FiveM reshade not working, you will have to get the latest version for the Reshade being applied on GTA 5. There are some files missing as well that you can copy and paste.

These files are your dxgi.dll, reshade shaders, reshade.log, reshadepreset.ini, and reshadepreset.ini. All of them should be copied from GTA 5 and then pasted to the location of the FiveM Plugin.


  • From here, get the latest Reshade
  • Go to GTA 5 File Location; C-Program Files-Rockstar Games-Grand Theft Auto V
  • Go to FiveM Plugin File Location; AppData-Local-FiveM-ApplicationData-Plugins
  • Cope reshade shaders, reshadepreset.ini, dxgi.dll, reshade.log, and reshadepreset.ini from GTA 5
  • Paste these into the Plugin File Location of FiveM we just mentioned.

This will fix your issue!

The Verdict

GTA 5 is an old game now and it lacks the graphics or beauty you might be seeing in other AAA titles nowadays. In order to beautify it, you need the Reshades on your FiveM. In case you are having an issue and want to Fix GTA 5 FiveM reshade not working, just download the latest version and copy-paste specific files in the plugin folder of FiveM Reshade.

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