How to Fix SIMS 4 Game Failed to Load Error Code 102

How to Fix SIMS 4 Game Failed to Load Error Code 102

Are you one of those unlucky individuals who are getting the 102 Error Code in Sims 4 and the game failed to load? Well, you are a lucky individual because here is a guide on How to Fix Sims 4 Game Failed to Load Error Code 102 to help you out.

Sims 4 is a unique game where you can basically enjoy real life. You can have a family, do a job, and every one day to day tasks. That is why it is said as the best real-life simulation till now.

Sometimes while playing the game, you will be greeted with a window that says “The Game Failed to Load. Error Code: 102… It is recommended that you relaunch the game”.

It could be that or something similar based on your scenario, but the solution goes the same way for all of them. Here’s a solution to help you fix Game Failed to Load Error in Sims 4.

How to Fix SIMS 4 Game Failed to Load Error Code 102

Delete Broken Mods

Most probably the cause behind the game crashing and showing you this error is a broken mod. Here’s how to safely remove broken or corrupted mods in Sims 4.

  • Go to your PC
  • Go to Documents on Left Tabs
  • Find the Electronic Arts folder
  • Right Click and Copy
  • Paste to another safe location
  • Open the Folder and get inside the Mods in Sims 4
  • Find all the “ts4script” files
  • Delete them
  • Empty the Recycle Bin

After that, you have to go back to the Electronic Arts Folder and from there to Sims 4. Now look at Localthumbcache.package file here as well.

There it and also delete the Options.ini file as well. This will clear the cache and reset the game options for you automatically.

Finally, get rid of the Gameversion.txt file from the folder as well.

Verify Game File

The universal way of fixing anything in any game is by Verifying its game files. Most of the time you get a Game Failed to Load error in the game or any other unusual error code like 102 because of corrupted game files.

In order to fix those and let the computer/launcher catch your game files properly, you need to Verify them. In order to Verify the Sims 4 Game Files, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Steam
  • Go to Library
  • Right Click on Sims 4
  • Go to Properties
  • Find Local Files Tab
  • Click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”
  • Wait for a moment and play the game

Fix Household Issue

Due to any household issues in the game, you might encounter a Sims 4 Game Failed to Load Error Code 102.

After you are playing the households, you will find the three dots on the right top of the screen.

Now click on Save As and create a new slot under any name you can remember. Restart the game and open the save file you just saved.

Resetting Sims 4

If both of these didn’t fix the Sims 4 Error Code 102…, just reset the Sims 4 as a whole. Here’s how to do it;

  • Go to your Electronic Arts folder in Documents
  • Right-click it
  • Show more
  • Rename it “Electronics Art Old”
  • Start the game (you won’t see Load Game or Play Button)
  • Exit and you will find another Electronic Arts folder
  • It will be empty
  • Open the old EA folder
  • Go to Sims 4
  • Open Tray Folder
  • Copy all the Ts4 or Tray Files
  • Paste them in the new Electronic Arts folder under Sims 4 – Tray
  • Do the same thing for Saves and Screenshots Folder
  • Make sure you are not copying the Script Mods in New Folder
  • Copy and Paste CC from Old EA Folder to the new EA Folder
  • Start the game and Redress the Sims individually

Reinstalling Sims 4

If none of the things worked out for you, simply uninstall Sims 4 and Reinstall it once again.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • From there Uninstall Apps
  • Find The Sims 4
  • Right Click and Uninstall

Make sure that the game isn’t running in the background or it won’t let you uninstall it.

How to Fix SIMS 4 Game Failed to Load Error Code 102


So these are the ways to Fix SIMS 4 Game Failed to Load Error Code 102. The issue is with the game files, either they are corrupted or the system has an issue finding them in the folder. By following the methods mentioned above you will fix Error Code: 102… that caused the Game Filed to Load Error in Sims 4.

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