The Finals Playtest Beta Sound Issue - No Sound, Audio Cuts and Missing

[Fixed] Can’t Load or Start Match in The Finals Playtest Beta

The Finals is one of the latest FPS games to be released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC, developed by Nexon-Embark Studios. For the most part, The Finals is based on the team match with a destructible environment, engaging in ruthless combat with different possibilities. You can call it a mixture of Warzone and Rainbox Six Siege.

The game is recently in the Playtest Beta, and players can’t Load or Start a Match in The Finals Playtest Beta. It is because of the server issue, making the matches temporarily unavailable.

[Fixed] Can’t Load or Stat Match in The Finals Playtest Beta

Why Can’t I Connect to the Server and Play a Match in The Finals?

The game is in the early beta stages, meaning it will have issues related to the servers and some missing parts inside the game. Therefore, the reason behind not being able to connect to the server and play a match is due to the server is temporarily down.

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How to Fix Can’t Load or Start Match in The Finals Playtest Beta?

You can’t play, load, or start the game because the servers are having issues. The Finals is in the early beta stages, meaning these types of issues are going to be present for the time being.

To fix the issue, you will have to wait for a while till the servers are up and running. Then restart the game on Steam, and try again. You can check the “The Finals” server status from its Twitter X handle.

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