How to get rid of Repetitive Clicking in Outpath? One Click Upgrade!

[Fixed] Can’t Start New Game in Outpath

Outpath is an all-new clicker game that is a wonderful mix of Minecraft and Forager. You have to start in a Minecraft-like 2D Blocks World and harvest your way up the system. The game has just been launched and players can’t start a new game in Outpath. For the most part, this is an issue with the save game and nothing else. So, let’s get to the point here, and how to fix this issue on your own.

What is the Outpath Save Game Bug and Why Can’t I Start a New Game?

The Outpath Save Game bug was recently found by some players while experiencing the game in the demo mode. While playing, they found out that when pressing the “New Game” Button, nothing actually happened.

It was supposed to start a “New Game” for them, starting from the very beginning, with nothing in their hands. This is related to the save files of the game, and that is why players can’t start a New Game.

The event that triggers the new game is connected with the save files, as they get deleted and you start from the very beginning of the game. But, after pressing the New Game button, those files were not deleted and nothing happened.

Can't Start New Game in Outpath because of the save game bug

How to Fix Can’t Start New Game in Outpath?

Changing Language

As mentioned by David on the Steam Forum (Developer), this bug might be related to the language you have inside the game. Try changing the game from English to any other language and then to English again.

Restart Steam and get back to the game, by pressing the New Game Button. Check whether it fixes the problem or not.

Sending Save Files to Game Devs

As we mentioned earlier, the issue is with the game save files. So, the only way to check back on them is to copy and send them to the developers.

Head over to “C>User>User Name>App Data>Locallow>DAVII Projects>Outpath”. Copy the Save Files folder and send it to the Developers.

Follow this Steam Thread to figure out all the details.

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