[Fixed] Cities Skylines 2 Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

[Fixed] Cities Skylines 2 Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Cities Skylines 2 is the all-new city builder simulator and successor to Cities Skylines 1, developed by Colossal Order and Published by Paradox Interactive. While it isn’t a secret that the game is quite heavy and requires a powerful GPU to run, some players get Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) while playing Cities Skylines 2.

The most probable cause behind the Cities Skylines 2 is the GPU, but there are other things as well, like the updates, Direct X, game files, and optimization. Let’s help you fix the issue below.

[Fixed] Cities Skylines 2 Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

What is the Blue Screen and Why does it happen?

BSoD or Blue Screen of Death, or more simply the Blue Screen is a result of the System Failure at the level of Windows Kernal (Back-End). It is mostly caused by the Windows Drivers or Software issues, but it could be the Hardware as well.

Most of the it, the Blue Screen in games is caused by the overload on your system. So, the system becomes unstable, or there is an overheating, that causes it to show the Blue Screen.

How to Fix Cities Skylines 2 Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)?

Check Cities Skylines 2 System Requirements

Check back on the requirements of the game, whether your system can even run it or not. Here are the Cities Skylines 2 System Requirements.

GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 480Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 / AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
CPUIntel Core i7-6700K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600XIntel Core i5-12600K / AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
RAM8 GB16 GB Duel Channel
Cities Skylines 2 Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Update GPU Drivers

GPU Drivers being out of date results in the Blue Screen of Death in games. Here’s how to install the latest drivers, in the safest way possible.

  • For Nvidia, you can download the Drivers from Nvidia Experience.
  • For AMD, you can download the Drivers from AMD Adrenaline or through the manual method.
  • Search “Updates” on Windows and let it load up all the latest updates available.

Fixing DirectX (DX12 and DX11)

Sometimes the DirectX12 files are corrupted or the system doesn’t recognize them, resulting in the Cities Skylines 2 Blue Screen. Here’s how to use DX11 instead of 12 in Steam.

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right Click on Cities Skylines 2
  • Click on Edit Settings File
  • Change the “Api=dx12” to “Api=dx11”
  • Save and Exit

You can also manually download DX12 on your system and it will repair or replace the files.

Lower Graphics Options

Go to your Cities Skylines 2 Settings, and from there lower the preset. You can take a step further to lower the resolution as well, as well as its scaling. Decrease the following inside your game settings;

  • Texture Quality
  • Shadow Quality
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Turn the Vsync On and Off

Verify Game Files or Repair them

Just as we mentioned, the Cities Skylines 2 Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is also caused by the game files being corrupted or missing. To fix this issue, verify the game files in their respective launcher.

  • Open Steam
  • Go to Steam Launcher
  • Right Click on “Cities Skylines 2”
  • Go to Properties
  • Go to the Files Tab
  • Click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”

Selecting Performance Mode

If you have a Nvidia GPU, you can head over to the Nvidia Control panel by right-clicking on the desktop. Then, from there, you can go to the 3D Game Options, and select Assassins Creed Mirage from there.

After the game is selected, you can proceed down, and find the settings that allow you to change the performance. Select the “Prefer Maximum Performance” to enable the Performance Mode for the game.

Lock FPS in Cities Skylines 2

Most of the time, you have FPS Drops because there is no limit set on the Frames Per Second, resulting in system overload and a blue screen. But, you can fix it by locking those FPS to something considerable like 60 FPS, or even 30 FPS.

To do that, go to the control panel, and from where you set the preference, there is an FPS option. Use that to lock FPS. Besides that AMD Adrenaline is a great option for AMD GPU Users, or a universal solution is to use Rivatuner Statistics Server. You can also follow our FPS Lock guide to cap the FPS in Cities Skylines 2.

So, these are all the methods to Fix Cities Skylines 2 Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). It is caused by either the drivers, files or the game’s optimization, resulting in the system overheating or overloading. Follow our methods to fix the issue.

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