[Fixed] Like a Dragon Gaiden Unavailable

[Fixed] Like a Dragon Gaiden Unavailable

Like a Dragon Gaiden” is a captivating new entry in the acclaimed Yakuza series, seamlessly blending action and storytelling. In this exhilarating journey, players immerse themselves in the gritty realm of crime, facing challenges and making choices that mold the narrative.

While the game can be bought from Steam digitally, there are some players from various regions who can’t get the game on their system. It gives off a “Like a Dragon Gaiden Unavailable” Error. Here in this guide, we will show you how to fix that.

[Fixed] Like a Dragon Gaiden Unavailable

Why is Like a Dragon Gaiden Unavailable In My Region?

The game is unavailable because most of the players can’t get the game in India, Argentina, Russia, and so on. No one knows the exact reason for that, or it could just be a Yakuza Game download issue.

How to Fix Like a Dragon Gaiden Unavailable?

Following are the methods to Fix Like a Dragon Gaiden Not Available In My Region:

  • You can buy the Like a Dragon Gaiden Key from Fanatical. It allows the players to purchase the game without any issues related to regions.
  • Like a Dragon Giaden Key can also be brought from any other site. The issue is with Steam and other launchers.
  • If your friend is in the region where the game is available, that person can simply gift it to you. Before you can accept the game, simply use a VPN, based on the location where the game is available like Europe and the USA.

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