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[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen 887A0006 Fatal Error

Fatal Error is a warning from the Operating System that something went wrong and hence the game crashes afterward. Most of the time, these Fatal Errors with code 887A0006 are because of the DirectX.

Lords of the Fallen 88740006 Fatal Error is a similar case, which is due to the DirectX12 (DX12), as the game runs on the latest DX12 version. Therefore, you might want to consider reinstalling it or using a previous DirectX version to fix the issue.

But, how to do that? Here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on How to Fix Fatal Error Code 887A0006 by DX12 conversion/download, and other troubleshooting steps.

Lords of the Fallen 887A0006 Fatal Error

How to Fix Lords of the Fallen 887A0006 Fatal Error?

To fix Lords of the Fallen Fatal Error, you will have to force the use of DirectX 11 (DX11) for the game, through the launcher. In order to do that, you will have to open Steam and go into the properties section. From there change it to DX11.

Furthermore, just as we mentioned before the Fatal Error is because of your GPU Drivers as well. You can try updating the Drivers to the latest available. If you don’t know how to do these things, we got you covered as well.

Keep in mind that there are other reasons as well, like GPU Clock, Power, and in-game Settings. When the system starts to overheat, it results in Fatal Errors, followed by random codes. Hence, you get the Lords of the Fallen Crash afterward.

Steps to Change to DX11 in Steam Lords of the Fallen

  • Open Steam
  • Click on Steam Library
  • Right-click on Lords of the Fallen
  • Click on Properties
  • Enter -DX11 in the Launch Options Section
  • Click on OK

If that doesn’t work, try downloading DX12 from the official source.

Use DX11 in Lords of the Fallen instead of DX12 to fix Lords of the Fallen Fatal Error 887A0006.

Steps to Update GPU Drivers

  • Download Nvidia Experience if you have Nvidia GPU. Install it and download the latest game-ready drivers. Click on Custom during installation and check Clean Installation.
  • Download AMD Adrenaline if you have AMD GPU. Do the same here as well.

Both of these software are from the manufacturers themselves. These launchers will download the latest and greatest drivers automatically. By troubleshooting the steps above, you will probably fix Lords of the Fallen Crashing and Low Performance.

After converting DX12 to DX11 on Steam and Updating to the latest GPU Drivers, you will fix the Lords of the Fallen 887A0006 Fatal Error.

Other Methods

But, there is more. Sometimes players can’t fix the issue even after updating GPU Drivers and DX11 use. Below, we have extra troubleshooting steps to help you fix the 887A0006 Fatal Error.

Downclocking GPU

When you buy a new GPU, it has specific default settings for the clock speed and the power it can utilize while using. While they are default, sometimes they are set too high even by manufacturers.

Lowering the GPU Clock will help you fix most of the Fatal Errors in the game. Here’s how to downclock your GPU in a seamless way possible.

  • Install MSI Afterburner
  • Open the software
  • Go to advanced settings
  • Reduce values/slider for Memory and Core Clock Speeds
  • Save the profile
  • Apply the changes

Windows and GPU Power Settings

Fatal Errors are a result of system overheating and in return not working as they are supposed to. Therefore, reducing the Power Profile for your Windows and GPU can help you tackle that.

By using the Afterburner, you can increase the Speed of your Fans, so that it can throw heat out of the system more effortlessly. Also, you can use the Nvidia Control Panel to change your power profile.

Go to the Control Panel, and from there search for Power. In the Power Menu, you can select Low Performance or Balanced instead. Or, if it is set to Balanced, change it to Performance.

In-game Settings

Just as we mentioned, sometimes the issue is with the game draining power from your system. You can fix it by reducing the in-game settings. Which settings to reduce? We have you covered below.

  • Lower the settings for Texture, Effects, Shadows, Antialiasing, and so on.
  • Change the in-game Resolution and Scaling.
  • Change the preset from Medium to Low, or from High to Medium.

These settings will help you get more FPS, and let the System perform better, hence, fixing the Lords of the Fallen 887A0006 Fatal Error.

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