[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen Access Violation Error

[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen Access Violation Error

Violation Errors in games can happen anytime, either while downloading the game, loading it, or even playing it. The reason behind it is usually another program interfering with the game files, but it could be something else entirely.

Lords of the Fallen Access Violation Error is a similar case that happened to players on various occasions. But, we are here to help you fix this issue in the comfort of your home.

Lords of the Fallen Access Violation Error, caused by antivirus, firewall, background apps or GPU Drivers.

What is the Access Violation Error?

To run a program successfully on your system, it needs access to various files, found in your Windows. There are certain times that this access is not granted, and hence, the Access Violation Error.

The reason behind Access Violation!

There are many reasons behind it, including an Antivirus or Firewall protection, stopping those files from accessing the Windows Folder to the full extent.

Or, it could also be another program running in the background. While these two are the major cases, DirectX Versions and GPU Drivers are sometimes the cause behind Access Violation Error in games.

How to Fix Lords of the Fallen Access Violation Error?

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

First of all, you need to disable your antivirus and firewall protection. You don’t have to go full-on disable mode, as there is a whitelist option that allows you to hide only the game files itself.

Also, you need to do the same for the Firewall. It is a protection mechanism that doesn’t let all the apps get complete access to your Windows Files.

Update GPU Drivers

Most of us like to manually install drivers, that is not the safest and best possible way around. There is an alternative provided by the official sources for both Nvidia and AMD.

Close Programs

As mentioned earlier, the background apps can sometimes cause your Lords of the Fallen Game files to not gain complete access, resulting in an Access Violation Error inside the game.

So, you need to first open the Task Manager and head over to the Startup Tab. Disable all the unnecessary stuff you don’t want your system to automatically start.

Then, you need to give your system a fresh restart. When you are back, head over to the Task Manager, and in the Programs section, end all the unnecessary tasks that are running.

After that, you need to close Steam and Close the Game as well. Finally, restart once again, check back on your Task Manager Programs, and start the game. It will fix the Lords of the Fallen Access Violation Error.

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