[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen HDR Locking to Fullscreen

[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen HDR Locking to Fullscreen

While most of us want to choose the display mode of our choice, the games don’t really let us do anything, even locking the game to a specific mode. Lords of the Fallen, the latest Souls-Like, and a remake of the 2014 game “Lords of the Fallen”, locks the game to Fullscreen when enabling HDR.

Why is it such a bummer? For the most part, players like to use borderless in different scenarios like having multiple displays, or use Borderless Windowed to get extra FPS on top.

Enabling HDR in the game enhances its overall visibility and environmental graphics, which is what every game wants, some extra visibility in the game. If you enable HDR in Lords of the Fallen, it will lock the game to Fullscreen.

Enabling HDR in Lords of the Fallen locks the game to Fullscreen Display

How to Fix Lords of the Fallen HDR Locking to Fullscreen?

First of all, you need to restart the game completely, including quitting Steam from the Task Manager and shutting down your system. Getting back to the game, you need to change the Display to something else. If you can’t do that, you need to turn off HDR in the game settings.

After that, you will be able to turn your game to different game modes. Go on, and change that mode to Windowed Borderless or anything you want except Fullscreen.

Again, go to the game options and enable the HDR. If you can’t do that as well, just head to the game resolution and change that, dropping it down. Also, change your in-game aspect ratio.

Take a U-Turn and change your game to FullScreen, and Enable the HDR. You will be able to do that in the game now.

Lords of the Fallen HDR Locking to Fullscreen is a problem with the in-game resolution scaling. Change the resolution and the aspect ratio to fix that.

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