Spider-Man 2 "Set Things Right" Can't Use Galvanize For First Time

[Fixed] Spider-Man 2 “Set Things Right” Can’t Use Galvanize For First Time

Sony’s PlayStation 5 just launched their brand new Spider-Man 2, the second installment of the popular Spider-Man video game series. This time around, the game is based on the multiverse, where Peter Parker and Miles Morales take a step forward with their personal lives and struggle to do so because of all the villains.

Kraven with his mercenaries, Sand-Man with his criminal mindset, the shadow Lizard, and the black suit from symbiote Venom, all are here to give you a difficult time around. But, you have different suites to help you in the game with different situations.

While progressing through the storyline, players come across the “Set Things Right” Mission, where they have to use the Galvanize Attack for the very first time. The next thing they know is they can’t use Galvanize, and are stuck in the mission.

Spider-Man 2 "Set Things Right" Can't Use Galvanize For First Time - Fix it by restarting from last checkpoint again and again, or pressing L1 + O

How to Fix Spider-Man 2 Can’t Use Galvanize in “Set Things Right”?

There are two ways to fix the Spider-Man 2 Can’t Use Galvanize Bug issue;

Restarting from Checkpoint

Just as the title suggests, you will have to Restart the game from the previous Checkpoint multiple times till you actually fix the problem. A single restart doesn’t work all the time, so you will have to do that twice or thrice to fix the Galvanize Bug in Spider-Man 2.

Bypass Galvanize Bug

You can also press the L1 + O key on your Keyboard to actually bypass the Spider-Man 2 Can’t Use Galvanize Bug. The game’s prompts that are displayed on the screen are wrong, therefore, you will have to use those.

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