[Fixed] The Finals Playtest Beta - Can't Equip Skins

[Fixed] The Finals Playtest Beta – Can’t Equip Skins

In the competitive FPS 2023 nightmare, The Finals came like a savior for the gaming community, giving the players what they truly want from a First-Person-Online-Shooter game. You have abilities, a destructive environment, spectacular graphics, weaponry, and then those badass characters. What more does a gamer want from developers?

Well, there is one simple mishap here that disables the skins and you Can’t Equip Skins in The Finals Playtest Beta due to that mishap. But, there is a simple method to fix it as well. Let’s get to the details below.

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Why Can’t You Equip Skins in The Finals Beta?

There is a game bug that doesn’t allow you to wear skins and outfits in the game for your character. But, it simply takes away the ability to wear from the in-game option, not the main menu.

How to Fix The Finals Playtest Beta – Can’t Equip Skins?

To fix it, you will have to just head to the main menu in the Finals, and change the Skins from Edit Character/Contestant option. Simple as that!

While you can’t change the skins through the in-game option, you can just head to the main menu and from there go to the character or contestant screen. There is an edit option that allows you to change the character’s outfits. Here are the steps as well.


  • Go to Main Menu
  • Click on Edit Contestants
  • Go to Loadout for Edit
  • Click on Customize

In the Customization Menu, you can change character skins in The Finals Playtest Beta.

If you can't change the outfits and skins in The Finals Beta, you can head over to main menu and from there go to the edit contestants option. It will allow you to change the loadout as per your need.

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