The Finals Playtest Beta Can't Add Game to Library - Failure, No License Error

[Fixed] The Finals Playtest Beta Fatal Error

The Finals is a remix of Counter-Strike, Warzone, and Rainbox Six Siege, providing players with a competitive FPS experience, where the environment can be destroyed to create various possibilities and traps.

The developers of the game released their Playtest Beta for players to experience what was cooking for all that time and it isn’t disappointing. However, when you are starting the game, it shows you a Downloading Failed error after crashing on Launch. Let’s discuss The Finals Playtest Beta Fatal Error and try to fix it.

[Fixed] The Finals Playtest B[Fixed] The Finals Playtest Beta Fatal Erroreta Crashing On Launch

Why is The Finals Beta showing a Fatal Error Download Failed Error?

The game is in the early playtest beta release, which is meant to find out all the issues related to the game. It is not fully developed, and hence you will have trouble downloading or playing the game for a while.

Another reason for the issue is that the game’s servers are temporarily down due to the overload of players in the playtest beta.

How to Fix The Finals Playtest Beta Fatal Error?

For the most part, game servers are down which results in The Finals Playtest Beta Fatal Error. Just wait for a while and restart your Steam Launcher completely, when the servers are up and running.

It is pretty common for AAA titles to launch their Beta Playtest for players to enjoy and the servers are temporarily made unavailable to fix some issues. You can check back on The Finals Twitter X, to check whether the Servers are Temporarily Down or not. In case they aren’t, then you will be greeted with a Download Failed Error.

Furthermore, you can try out the following as well.

  • Close Steam Complete and Restart: Sometimes the Steam Launcher is the cause of the issue. You need to close it completely using the Task Manage and then restart your system, getting back to the game.
  • Verifying the Game Files: Right-click on The Finals and then head down to the properties. From here, you can go to the Files Tab and then Verify Game Files.
  • Close Unnecessary Programs: Check back on the background apps that are running without you noticing. Close all of those and only have the important ones.
  • Update GPU and Drivers: Use Nvidia Experience or AMD Adrenaline to download the latest GPU Drivers. Also, search for Updates in the Windows Search Bar and let it update everything. The Finals is a new game and requires the latest firmware.
  • Disable Antivirus and Firewall: Lastly, you need to Disable the Antivirus and Firewall to fix The Finals playtest Beta Fatal Error. Antivirus and Firewall block the game files to run efficiently on your system, tagging them as potential viruses.

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