Fontaine Genshin Impact

Fontaine Genshin Impact: A New Region in Teyvat

There is a new Fontaine Genshin Impact region being introduced in the new updates coming out. Want to learn more about it? Well, here we have an amazing article to discuss every detail of Fontaine.

Genshin Impact is going wild lately, coming with new updates with amazing new game modes, game mechanics, new characters, and even new regions. Fontaine is that region which the fans have been waiting anxiously for. 

There isn’t much news about Fontaine Genshin Impact because the developers just have some bloopers revealed and nothing more. But still being fans of Genshin Impact, we put together bits of knowledge and compiled this article to help you understand the concept.

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What is Fontaine Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is based on the Tryvat, which is the main world and Fontaine is actually a region being introduced in that world. The region itself is tied with Hydro Archon who is the God of Justice. 

Genshin Impact doesn’t reveal what Archon actually is, but all we know is that she is a female and a member of Seven. When Hydro Archon passed away, the Lochfolk didn’t stay in this region. 

So, out of the seven regions, Fontaine is probably the new one being introduced and the people there worship the God of Justice. Amazingly, the Fontaine is going to be France based because of the name Hydro Archon. 

When it comes to characters, it isn’t sure who will be introduced in this region. But, there is an NPC by the name of Francis who is from this region. Looking at his style, you can pretty much bet that he is from France in the 20th Century.

Another thing to notice is that Oceanids are originally from Fontaine. Some of the Oceanids are Lochfolks, Rhodesia, Springvale Spring Fairy, and so on. Their new Hydro Archon concept allowed them to leave the region of Fontaine Genshin Impact.

As we already mentioned, Fontaine is still yet to be revealed. So, you can stay tuned on Fontaine Genshin Impact Wiki Fandom for more info.

When will Fontaine be released?

The official release of Fontaine in Genshin Impact is with the 4.0 Update Release. Furthermore, we have no idea when it will actually release because Genshin Impact 3.0 Update is not yet fully released and there are few major mechanisms yet to be introduced.

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What is New in Genshin Impact Fontaine Region?

Below, we have a list of things that are going to be new with Genshin Impact Fontaine Region

  • New Boat or Flying Machine
  • Underwater exploration
  • Creatures introduced in Underwater
  • New Characters 
  • New Storyline 

Fontaine Genshin Impact Leaks

At the end of October, there were some leaks associated with Fontaine Region. There was some folder showing Lua in Genshin Impact and under this file were Undersea/Underwater files. 

All this means that Fontaine Genshin Impact might just be some Undersea content. Besides this, there are some rumors that characters can go underwater in Update 4.0, while a high-speed boat is also going to be added. 

We already have a Waverider in Genshin Impact but this boat is going to be much faster. It isn’t sure because there aren’t any stats related to this boat. 

New life for Undersea content is also being added to Genshin Impact on the 4.0 Update. As rumored, there will be turtles, but there isn’t any news on how you would interact with them. All in one, it will be quite spectacular to see.


Well, that is all for the Fontaine Genshin Impact. It is an exciting update with a lot of rumors going around, but all of them are jaw-dropping. It has been time that something exciting was introduced to Genshin Impact that will bless the gaming community. 

Fingers Crossed, Fontaine is one of the things to truly wait for in hope that it is what the leaks are pointing towards. But still, we can only hope for the best. If you know anything about Fontaine Region, you can let us know your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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