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For the King 2 – Can’t Invite Friends to Party/Lobby

For the King 2 is a spectacular tabletop RPG, with fascinating game design and colorful graphics. Developed by the Iron Oak Games, the game has it all, from the dungeons, turns, combat, and loot to events, and a beautifully written story.

The best part about the game is the multiplayer mode, where you can invite your friends to a party of 3, and play the game together with them. Recently, there has been a new issue in the game where you can’t invite friends to party or lobby in For the King 2.

Others got the Online Error: Adventure Not Found, as a result of this bug. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we are going to show you how to fix the issue on your own and get back to inviting your friends effortlessly.

For the King 2 - Can't Invite Friends to Party/Lobby

Why Can’t I Invite Friends in Multiplayer Lobby?

After the recent patch, there has been a new bug in the game where, after playing as a party of three, one will randomly be unable to join the lobby or party. It is a multiple COOP issue in the game that disables players from actually playing in a team.

The reason behind this is the server connectivity. The server loses connection with one of the teammates who are joining the lobby, and in return, they can’t actually get inside the lobby. As a result, players can’t join multiplayer party with friends.

How to Fix For the King 2 Can’t Invite Friends to Party/Lobby?

To Fix For the King 2 Can’t Invite Friends to Party or Lobby, you will have to restart the game, alongside your friends whom you want to play together with. After everyone restarts, host the public server.

Then, set the password to the game lobby like something quite easy, just for the sake of fixing the issue. The host will have to invite the friends using the Friends Button found on the top-right side, which is inside the lobby.

As a result, the Steam Friends list will pop off, and from there, the Host can invite others to the lobby without the issue. You can also use the alternative, where players can join, and enter the game name using the search option. But wait 5 minutes before you do so.

Don’t use the Friends List, from where you can invite others to play, because that is the actual cause of the issue here. Sometimes, you might want to restart the game multiple times to fix the For the King 2 Multiplayer Issue, Can’t Join Friends in the Lobby/Party.

For the King 2 – Can’t Invite Friends to Party/Lobby


  • The host and others should restart the game
  • The host should put a password to the public lobby server
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Invite using the top right Friends Button icon in the Lobby
  • Or, use the public game name search to join

After the steps, you will fix Multiplayer Not Working issue, and friends will be able to join the lobby.

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