How to Fix Gold Bug in Fortnite

How to Fix Fortnite Internet Connection Error – Getting Kicked from the Games!

Some Fortnite players recently got an issue where they started getting kicked from the games because of an internet connection error. No one knows for sure how long it’s been up there and what’s the reason, but it is quite messing up with the enjoyment. Don’t worry, here’s How to Fix Fortnite Internet Connection Error.

How to Fix Fortnite Internet Connection Error - Getting Kicked from the Games!

Why is Fortnite Kicking me Out of the game?

Well, the obvious reason behind it could be a bug related to the servers. Yes, it might show you some kind of an error behind it related to your internet or something similar, but mostly it isn’t the case here.

We are living in 2023 and nearly all of us have stable internet connections. That only means it is related to the game files or the servers.

Fixed Fortnite Internet Connection Error

Just like we mentioned before, it could be related to the servers and you don’t have any control over it. Try waiting for a few hours and starting the game again. In case you are impatient, just try out the following fixes.

  • Check your Internet Connection, it could be that someone else is using the WiFi and causing an issue with the game. Disconnect and use an Ethernet connection.
  • Verify the Fortnite Game Files and Restart the game, it might fix the issue.
  • Try Loggin Out, Restarting, and then Loggin In back into the game. Sometimes the game just messes around with the account and causes this issue.
  • Put Fortnite in the Whitelist of Antivirus, it could be some files interrupted by the Antivirus Scans and Kicking your out of the Fortnite Game with an Internet Connection Error.
  • Update Graphics Drivers and the Windows Drivers if you are playing on a PC or check for Updates on your Console.
  • Report the Problem to the Fortnite Customer Support. Tell them the things you did to resolve the issue and what’s the issue here.


Are you continuously getting kicked out of the game due to an internet connection issue error? Well, you can try out the methods from our guide on How to Fix Fortnite Internet Connection Error to help yourself out.

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