How To Avail Free Google Stadia Premiere Edition bundle?

How To Avail Free Google Stadia Premiere Edition bundle?

Google Stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform developed by Google. It only requires a decent internet connection, no additional hardware is required like GPU. Google plans on ending the console era of gaming and change it into cloud gaming. You can play your favorite games using Chrome cast Ultra or your phone or your laptop. The Google Stadia platform is free to join. However, you need to purchase the game first from the Stadia Store. It can deliver 4K HDR/60 fps at a 35 Mbps internet connection. Also, you need to purchase a Google Stadia Premiere bundle in order to use it on your Android phone. However, the first month is free after that you will be charged 9.99$ per month.

Bandwidth requiredVideo qualityAudio quality
10 Mbit/s
720p, 60 FPS
20 Mbit/s
1080p HDR Video, 60 FPS

5.1 Surround
35 Mbit/s4K HDR Video, 60 FPS5.1 Surround

You can get free games with Stadia Pro. Games are available the moment you subscribe, and every month you stay subscribed you get more free games.

Google Stadia Pro features include:

  • Access to free games instantly, with more added every month.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • Play in up to 4K HDR with 5.1 surround sound.

Google Stadia Premiere Edition bundle free for YouTube Premium Subscribers

It seems Google is really desperate to make Google Stadia work, there is a special promotion going on so that more people will purchase the cloud-based gaming service. YouTube Premium Subscribers can avail 100$ Google Stadia Premiere Edition bundle for free.

Free Google Stadio Gaming Kits For YouTube Premium Subscribers

YouTube Premium subscribers are eligible to receive this Stadia bundle which includes free Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra with a one-month free Stadia Pro service which was discussed earlier. Unfortunately, this offer is only available for YouTube Premium subscribers in the US and UK.

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