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Friends Can’t Join Lobby in Multiplayer COOP Remnant 2

In an FPS game like Remnant 2 specifically, you are generally playing because of the multiplayer coop, allowing you to enjoy some quality time with your friends. But, recently Friends Can’t Join Lobby in Multiplayer COOP Remnant 2 because of a bug. Let’s talk about it in detail, as well as provide you with a fix.

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Why Can’t I Join Friends or Friends Join Me in Multiplayer of Remnant 2?

The issue is related to a single person on the list. There isn’t a global problem in Remnant 2 that results in this issue. You can remove and add friends in your lobby to find out who is the culprit.

Afterward, you can make sure that he has working internet and that the game is installed optimally. The issue of friends not joining each other in COOP of Remnant 2 is because of either having a brand new system/Windows, or something related to the internet connection.

It could also be because of the game files and something is messing up with them from the backend. First, we will talk about how to add friends in lobbies in Remnant 2, and then we will get to fixing the issue.

How to Invite Friends or Join their Lobby in Remnant 2?

  • If you purchased the game on Steam, then you can simply press Shift + Tab to get into the Steam Overlay. Afterward, find your friend and right-click to either join a game or invite them into the game.
  • For the users of the Epic Game Store, you can do the same, but initially press Shift + F3 to get into the Epic Overlay. The steps are the same from onwards.
How to Invite Friends or Join their Lobby in Remnant 2?

Friends Can’t Join Lobby in Multiplayer COOP Remnant 2

Check Internet Connection

If you found the culprit, ask him to check his internet connection. In case you didn’t find any single friend who has the same issue, then all of the members need to make sure they have lower ping.

Restart the Router to clear the internet cache. Make sure no one else is using the internet for the time being and use an Ethernet cable to connect with the internet. Call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to make sure everything is working fine.

Updates and Drivers

Sometimes, Friends Can’t Join Lobby in Multiplayer COOP of Remnant 2 because of the pending updates and drivers. In case all of the members aren’t on the same game version or drivers, then it may pose troubles like this one.

You can simply check for updates on Steam Launcher or Epic Games Launcher. Make sure the Windows/Console is also up to date. Then you can use Nvidia Experience to get the latest GPU Drivers for Nvidia and AMD Adrenaline for the latest GPU Drivers for AMD.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

In case the upper two methods don’t work out, you can simply try disabling the antivirus and firewall. This will allow the files to be correctly read and enable all the features of the game to work accordingly.

Sometimes the Firewall or Antivirus will block the game files as it labels them “Virus” or “Threat”. If you don’t want to fully disable them, you can also Whitelist the Remnant 2 Game Files in your Antivirus and it will stop scanning the game files specifically.

Reinstall Remnant 2

Finally, our recommendation is to Uninstall Remnant 2 Completely. To do so, you need to start Steam or Epic Launcher. Right Click on the game and click Uninstall. This will remove the game completely.

Then, you need to restart/re-login your Launcher and Install the game from there. This time, make sure there aren’t any interruptions, and don’t Uninstall the Game From Preload. After you are done, you can enjoy the game, fixing the issue of “Friends Can’t Join Lobby in Multiplayer COOP Remnant 2”. Happy Gaming!

Friends Can't Join Lobby in Multiplayer COOP Remnant 2

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