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FSR in Atlas Fallen – Discussed!

Atlas Fallen has been getting a lot of attention lately. Well, the game looks and feels like it has something to offer, but it could just be another flop. What the developers are aiming to deliver for the community matters here a lot, and that leads up to FSR in Atlas Fallen along with DLSS. Does it have it or does it not? Well, here in this guide, we are going to go into the depths of this topic.

FSR in Atlas Fallen - Discussed!

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Why do DLSS and FSR Matter in Games?

With the evolution of gaming, the aim of developers to put more into their games, achieving realistic graphics and much more, the game does require higher system power as well.

But, on the other side, the technology to play these games is also evolving, while going into a smaller form factor or trying to remain the same, or even around that form. To achieve that, companies went with things like DLSS, FSR, and so on.

These will generally enhance your in-game performance, depending on what you choose. It could be centered around Quality, Performance, or simply a balance between both.

Those who have an RTX, or a High-End AMD Graphics Card, are certainly going to turn on their FSR or DLSS for more FPS. That is why it matters that much in games nowadays.

Does DLSS in Atlas Fallen Exist?

The game doesn’t have a DLSS as of right now. This means the RTX players can’t turn on their DLSS for enhanced performance. This game does require some heavy equipment to run, meaning no DLSS in Atlas Fallen makes the game a “No” for most people.

Does FSR in Atlas Fallen Exist?

Yes, on the opposite side, it does have an FSR for AMD GPU Users. This is a good thing for AMD players, but for the majority gaming community that is on Nvidia, is just giving a backlash.

Does Having No DLSS Matter in Atlas Fallen?

For the most part, no it doesn’t matter. The game is optimized pretty darn well, meaning the low-end GPU community can also enjoy it. Just take down the settings and you can pretty much enjoy the game as usual.

Therefore, having No DLSS in Atlas Fallen makes rarely any difference. The developers focused on the optimization of the game. But, for the AMD GPU Users, there is FSR in Atlas Fallen, making it a game worthy to purchase.

FSR in Atlas Fallen - Discussed!

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