How to Get Gamemasters Pride Ring in Remnant 2 with a Friend (COOP)

How to Get Gamemasters Pride Ring in Remnant 2 with a Friend (COOP)

Remnant 2 has its fair share of secret achievements, gear, and items that you can get inside the game. You just have to explore the game more than usual and find secret passages hidden around. Well, here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on How to Get Gamemasters Pride Ring in Remnant 2 with a friend (COOP).

Gamemasters Pride Ring requires a ton of effort and consistency. You will have to pass through various doors and that is why players usually recommend going the multiplayer or COOP route to find the Gamemasters Ring.

It isn’t like you can’t do this alone, but it is quite difficult. If you have someone with you that can get inside the secret room, then read on with the guide. We have another guide in making that will help you Solo Gamemaster’s Pride Ring in Postulant’s Parlor without any multiplayer, COOP, or friends.

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Get Gamemasters Pride Ring in Remnant 2 (COOP)

Gamemasters Pride Ring Location

The Gamemasters Pride Ring Item is locked behind two doors in the game. These doors are present on the bottom left side of the Postulant’s Parlor Dungeon.

Go to the Top of the Dungeon and you will find Gamemaster Sitting at a Tic-Tac-Toe game, but it looks similar to chess pieces.

Opening Door Behind Gamemaster (Royal Hunters Bow)

You will have to sit at the table and win the game by having three pieces in line before the Gamemaster. He does mess it up sometimes and in return, you win the game.

After that, you will unlock a door behind the Gamemaster that you can go through, but make sure you take the left or right route from down the stairs.

The Gamemasters Ring is not there but locked behind a secret door. Behind the Door that just opened, you will find the Royal Hunters Bow.

Opening Secret Door to Gamemaster’s Pride Ring

But, don’t rest now, because the Board serves another mechanic in the game. The places on the board mirror the places on the dungeon map. When the White Pillars are on the location, the side doors will open.

Now, for the Gamemaster’s Ring, you will have to get a friend with you. Make that friend go to the left-most dungeon door, which is locked. In the image below, we got the location where you need to be and where your friend has to be.

Opening Secret Door to Gamemaster's Pride Ring

Move the pieces on the Gamemasters Board in the following manner, making the white piece on the leftmost side of the board. This will open the door to get inside.

Opening Secret Door to Gamemaster's Pride Ring

See the white piece on the left side. Well, that indicates the Dungeon Map that we have above. You can move this to either open the door or close it. When it is open, your friend in multiplayer has to get inside.

Next up, you need to simply follow the image below and move the pieces so that the inner game opens and the outer gate closes.

Opening Secret Door to Gamemaster's Pride Ring

Now, move them in the following direction as a final resort and you will open the door that gets you the Gamemasters Pride Ring.

Opening Secret Door to Gamemaster's Pride Ring

Now, you can see that the other player can get inside that secret room where you can get the ring from.

How to Get Gamemasters Pride Ring in Remnant 2 with a Friend (COOP)

The Verdict

So, in short, the Gamemasters Board serves two purposes. Either to have 3 whites consecutive to open the door behind him. It will give you the Royal Hunters Bow as a result. Then again, there is another secret passage as well that helps you get Gamemasters Pride Ring. Make sure you have another friend with you in COOP or Multiplayer to find the Gamemasters Pride Ring.

There are two pillars indicated by whites on the board. On the bottom left side of the dungeon map, you will find the two doors. To open the first door, move the White Piece on the board on the bottom left. Then to open the next door, you need to move all the pieces from the Left (Verticle) side of the board. Simple as that!

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