How To Play Genius Invokation? Genshin Impact Trading Card Game

How To Play Genius Invokation? Genshin Impact TCG

Developed by the Sumeru Akademiya researchers, Genius Invokation is a trading card game that takes place in Teyvat. It features a variety of characters and unique mechanics. It is a combination of an elemental combat system with strategic gameplay. Moreover, it is available on PC and mobile devices.

Genius Invokation features two players with opposing decks. Each player will roll eight Elemental Dice at the beginning of each Round. Any number can be rerolled before proceeding. During the attack phase, the characters can equip their weapon cards. These cards will have different animations while being used in battle. They also provide extra effects when played.

How To Play Genius Invokation: Genshin Impact Trading Card Game?

In order to play the game, players need to purchase Character Cards and Action Cards. These cards can be purchased by spending Lucky Coins. Players can also purchase Action Cards by completing challenges in Genius Invokation matches. Players can also buy Support Cards and Event Cards. These cards provide various buffs and healing. Some cards also unlock Dynamic Skins. Dynamic Skins are special cards that feature moving illustration effects. These cards can be purchased from the Card Shop.

The player’s goal in Genius Invokation is to defeat the opposing player’s party and Character Cards. After defeating the opponent’s Party, the Player will advance to the next round. Players will also have the opportunity to recruit a playable character. They can also invite friends to join their party for a duel. The higher the Player Level, the more challenging characters they can challenge. Players can also unlock new quests. In addition, players can earn Primogems by defeating NPCs. Depending on the difficulty of the quest, they may also be awarded additional Primogems.

How To Play Genius Invokation? Genshin Impact Trading Card Game

Player Experience

Players can also earn Player Experience. The more Player Experience a player has, the more cards they can earn. Players can earn Primogems by completing challenges in Genius Invokation. These Primogems can be used to purchase Character Cards and Equipment Cards. These cards can enhance the character’s strength or attack power. In addition, players can also use an Omni Element to pay for element costs. The Omni Element is an additional element that is added to the 7 standard elements.


The elements can be divided into three categories: the Element, the Weapon, and the Food. Each element has a different cost and stats. Players can buy cards that are made from each element. The character cards that are made from each element have unique animations during battle. In addition, players can purchase Dynamic Skins. These Dynamic Skins can be purchased from the Card Shop.

In addition to cards that are made from each element, there are also cards that are made from specific characters. In addition, players can buy food cards that will give a healing boost to the character. Players can also buy weapons cards that feature in-game weapons of all types. These cards also increase the card’s stats.

Final Words

There are also Dynamic Skins that can be purchased for cards that are not made from the elements. These cards have special animations that are one-time effects when used. There are also Artifact Cards that provide additional effects during the attack phase. They can also be used to buff other cards.

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