Genshin Impact Files a Lawsuit Against Discord

Genshin Impact Files a Lawsuit Against Discord

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During the first year of Genshin Impact’s release, the game generated a total of $3.7 billion in sales. The game has a large open world, dozens of hours of story content, and a variety of gameplay styles. Genshin Impact’s fanbase has grown to include a large community of dedicated fans. Many of these fans are hardcore gamers, and they cannot help but be excited about new content before it is released. The community relies on leaks from dedicated teams of leakers to share this information with them.

Genshin Impact Files a Lawsuit Against Discord

Who is Ubatcha?

One of the most prominent Genshin Impact leakers goes by the name of Ubatcha. Ubatcha has been a huge presence in the Genshin Impact community, posting information about upcoming game updates and content. He has also built up a large following on Twitter and other social media platforms. His Discord server, Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, is one of the most popular in the Genshin Impact community. The server can provide prior information about upcoming updates.

As a result of the leaks, Cognosphere, the publisher of Genshin Impact, has filed a lawsuit against Discord. Cognosphere’s law firm sent a takedown notice to Discord on November 29. The notice specified the type of content that the server was storing, including screen captures, images, and video content. Discord is governed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and has not publicly responded to Cognosphere’s legal action.

In its suit, Cognosphere has asked a court to order Discord to disclose the identity of the leaker. The court’s order requires Discord users to provide their contact details, including their real name, address, and phone number. The company will almost certainly comply with this request. However, if Discord does not comply with the court order, Cognosphere has the right to pursue Ubatcha personally.

The lawsuit is part of a larger plan by Cognosphere to restrict the amount of information on social media about Genshin Impact. According to the company’s lawyers, the content is a violation of copyright law. The firm plans to take action against Ubatcha, who is one of the most active leakers in the Genshin Impact community. This is not the first time that Cognosphere has filed a lawsuit.

Genshin Impact Files a Lawsuit Against Discord

Final Words

When Genshin Impact was first developed in 2017, a wiki was also popular. After the game launched, dozens of hours of story content were published on the wiki. The Genshin Impact wiki was eventually closed. In the meantime, Cognosphere’s lawyers were able to use the wiki as evidence for their claim.

Cognosphere’s lawyers have also filed a DMCA subpoena against Discord, asking the company to hand over user details. They are requesting a user’s real name and email address, as well as the address of the user’s home. They also want to know how the leaker obtained the information. Cognosphere attorneys say that they want to find the leaker and sue them for copyright infringement. They want to know who Ubatcha is and why he is leaking information about Genshin Impact.

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