Genshin Impact Furina's Ending Story Explained - Hydro Archon, Focalors, and Visions

Genshin Impact Furina’s Ending Story Explained – Hydro Archon, Focalors, and Visions

Genshin Impact 4.2 brought new characters to the table, and one of them is Furina, a 5-star character. She is the hydro archon seemingly part of a prophecy. In the Genshin Impact lore, we found out that she was not actually the hydro archon, a mere human, and just a normal person in disguise.

Furina also seemingly got visions from someone. Most of the time people presume that it was another hydro archon in the game, but mostly it is anticipated to be a character in Genshin Impact, who got the power to give out visions.

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Who gives visions to Furina in Genshin Impact?

Hydro archons in Genshin Impact are thought to have the ability to give visions to other characters, either to give a glimpse of what to do next as part of a prophecy or just to do their own tasks.

While Furina is not the hydro archon, most people speculate that another hydro archon is giving her visions. But that is totally wrong.

Neuvillette has the ability to give out visions to others, and he is the one who is giving Furina her new visions.

Later on, we also found that hydro archons are not the ones to give out visions to others, as it is just an ability for most characters.

Neuvillette was the one giving visions to Furina

Neuvillette Powers and Hydro Sovereign

Above all, there is a hydro sovereign, and in Genshin Impact, that person is Neuvillette. His powers were stolen by Celestia to make hydro archon in the game, but later on, Focalors returned that power to him. Thus, he gave the visions to Furina.

Newvillette Powers and Hydro Sovereign

Furina is part of Focalors

In a cutscene where Focalors talks to Neuvillette, we get to witness an exchange of discussion where Focalors says that she is divided into two forms, Focalors, and Furina. So, Furina is part of Hydro Archon.

So, Furina is basically a part of Focalors, having a different mind and body.

Furina is a part of Focalors

What happened to Hydro Archon Status/Title in Genshin Impact?

After Focalors was no more, the status of the hydro archon was no more, making Zongli not the archon, but making Ei and Puppet Raiden. The whole seat of the hydro archon got destroyed, also making Furina “not a hydro archon”.

What happened to Hydro Archon Status/Title in Genshin Impact?

What exactly is Furina in Genshin Impact 4.2?

So, Furina is the ideal human being and part of the Focalors who could become Hydro Archon. She never became one because after Focalors, the title of Hydro Archon was no more.

But, she is the perfect candidate to be the archon in Genshin Impact 4.2. The visions she got were from Nouvallette, who got the powers back from Focalors, making him eligible to give visions to others.

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