Get a Chance to Win with Bonus Buy Feature

Get a Chance to Win with Bonus Buy Feature

The modern world loves variety in everything, including gambling. When you visit the online casino platform, you are offered a wide choice of ways to win: slots, poker room, table games, live casino, etc. Whatever section you end up in, it will contain tens, hundreds, and even thousands of different games. But even this is not all the surprises that are prepared for online casino visitors! By choosing slots with the bonus buy feature, you don’t have to go the long way to your winnings. You will head straight towards the bonus rounds or other most exciting elements of the game.

What Is a Bonus Buy Feature: Quick Reference

The Bonus Buy feature is the ability to replace the standard course of play in a slot with an instant transition to one of the bonus functions by paying a certain amount of money.

  • Who invented: Big Time Gaming
  • First slot with a bonus buy feature: White Rabbit slot, 2017
  • Cost: Varies depending on many factors. Typically, to instantly proceed to the bonus game, gamblers must pay an amount that is a multiple of their bet. Most often, this is 100x, but it can be less or more depending on the requirements of the game provider.
  • How to activate: Click on the Bonus Buy button on the game interface during the game

Short History of Buy Feature Appearance

The Big Time Gaming (BTG) brand is known all over the world due to its high-quality gaming products. The most bright achievements of this company are the following innovations:

  • 2016 — Release of the first slot with Megaways game mechanics called Dragon Born.
  • 2017 — Offering a new functional solution with the possibility of purchasing a bonus round.

In both cases, players were delighted with the proposed innovations, and other providers immediately began to copy these solutions, introducing them into their products. Each of the development companies called this feature differently, so you may come across various interpretations of its name:

  • Big Time Gaming: Feature Drop
  • Relax Gaming: Buy Feature
  • Blueprint Gaming: Bonus Buy
  • Nolimit City: Bonus Feature Buy, etc.

Pros and Cons of Bonus Buy Slots

Like every innovation, the new feature had its supporters and opponents. The former were delighted with the opportunity to get only the best from the game and increase their chances of winning, while the latter saw additional risks in this feature. Therefore, to make an informed choice, you must know the arguments of both sides.


Free spins or other bonus features are triggered when the player lands a certain combination of scatter symbols. But many visitors to online casinos simply cannot wait for this moment, since sometimes, you need to spin the reels a hundred times before Lady Luck smiles at you and sends you a bonus round. When you select a Bonus Buy feature, the transition to this function is instantaneous. Players do not need to place many bets, which means they save on the following:

  • Time: You can get a big win within seconds of starting the bonus round rather than sitting in front of a computer screen for hours hoping to get it.
  • Money: Although purchasing the bonus will cost you approximately 100x times more than the normal bet, it is cost-effective compared to the loss that can be incurred by playing standard games.
  • Emotions: Losing money over and over again on regular bets is unpleasant even for those who firmly believe in ultimate success. When you go directly to free spins or other bonuses, you do not waste your positive emotions on losing but keep your optimism untouched.


The bankroll is quickly depleted. When you budget a certain amount for your online casino gaming session, you can have a great time making small bets. Playing slots is relaxing because they provide visual and auditory pleasure. Gamers get not only the hope of winning but also real winnings. When players go straight to the bonus feature, they can very quickly exhaust their resources without ever enjoying the game.

Some countries saw the danger that players would become dependent on this function and would spend even more resources on gambling. Therefore, they simply banned games with this feature, as, for example, in the UK. They demanded that online casino operators either replace games with this feature with the same ones but only with standard gameplay or completely remove them from their game library.

Best Alternative for Buy Bonus Feature

The fact that you have to pay a lot of money to get to the bonus round is disappointing for many players. After all, this leaves less room for Luck, which manifests itself most clearly when you get a huge win by making a very small bet or without depositing your money at all. Therefore, fans of no deposit bonus are skeptical about this innovation as one that is likely to enslave players by forcing them to pay a lot. They prefer to play using Yabby Casino no deposit bonus codes, thanks to which winnings can come even without depositing their own money into the game account.

Which of these camps would you join? The best solution is to try both the Bonus Buy Feature and the No Deposit Bonus from Yabby Casino to decide for yourself which style of online casino play is more captivating to you.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games