How to Get All Darkest Dungeon 2 Achievements

How to Get All Darkest Dungeon 2 Achievements?

Darkest Dungeon 2 was recently taken out of their early access and put into an official PC Release. But, same as any other game out there players are anxiously waiting for a glimpse of what the Achievements are going to be. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we will discuss How to Get All Darkest Dungeon 2 Achievement, along with some hidden ones as well.

How to Get All Darkest Dungeon 2 Achievements

Introduction to Darkest Dungeon 2

DD 2 or otherwise known as Darkest Dungeon 2 is the successor to the Legendary Game known as Darkest Dungeon 1. You can also call it DD if you like.

It takes the same story and gameplay as the original, but the developers put up a ton of new mechanics inside the monsters, stats, heroes, and so on.

DD 2 has a turn-based, role-playing gameplay, where you can pick multiple characters out of 12 released (as of now). You need to utilize your gear, check your stats, and make decisions accordingly.

The thing that gets my attention is the Graphics of Darkest Dungeon 2. It has that creepy, hand-sketched type graphics that take your attention on the first try. There are no lights here, just darkness and fear all around.

How to Get All Darkest Dungeon 2 Achievements?

Darkest Dungeon 2 System Requirements on PC

The first thing that pops into my mind is “Can I Play Darkest Dungeon 2 on my PC”? Well, Yes, you can play the game on your PC if the requirements are met.

The game isn’t expensive nor demanding in any form or shape. The Minimum requirements are quite similar to the Recommended requirements. So, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

GPUNvidia GTX 950 or AMD R7 370Same or better
CPUCore i5 4460 or AMD Athlon X4Core i7 6700K
Operating SystemWindows 10/11 64 BitWindows 10/11 64 Bit
Storage6GB 6GB
Darkest Dungeon 2 Minimum and Recommended Requirements

How to Get All Darkest Dungeon Achievements

As with the end of Early Access for Darkest Dungeon 2, you will be able to get a total of around 65 Achievements in the game. All of them will get you around 1k XP, which is quite amazing.

  • Don’t make me turn this coach around – Have a hero meltdown (5xp)
  • Serenity Now – Make hero resolute (5xp)
  • It rings a bell – Put memory on the hero (5xp)
  • A live well lives – Put 5 memories on a single hero (10xp)
  • Ressurection – Get Flagellant (5xp)
  • Unleash Hell – Get Hellion (5xp)
  • Funny Guy – Get Jester (5xp)
  • Long Live the King – Get Leper (5xp)
  • Wyrdly Reconstructed – Get Occultist (5xp)
  • Boxcar Kid – Get Runaway (5xp)
  • Unfulfilled Desires – Get Vestal (5xp)
  • The world as it was – Altar of Hope 100 Percent Unlock (50xp)
  • This looks familiar – Altar of Hope 50 Percent Unlock (20xp)
  • Hope Rekindled – Altar of Hope 25 Percent Unlock (5xp)
  • Loop Year – Play game on anniversary release (5xp)
  • Predator – Kill 100 creatures (5xp)
  • Dissector – Kill 100 Cadavers (5xp)
  • Banishment – Kill 100 Cosmic Beings (10xp)
  • Creep and Sleep – Defeat angle Lair Boss (10xp)
  • Deprogramming – Kill 100 Fanatics (5xp)
  • Ichthyophobic – Kill 100 Fisher Folk (5xp)
  • Now stay dead – Kill 100 Gaunt (5xp)
  • No more mouths to feed – Kill 100 Gentry (5xp)
  • Meat and Greet – Defeat Foetor Lair Boss (10xp)
  • Clearing the Ledge – From the Bounty Hunter, land a killing blow on Lair Boss (20xp)
  • Catch and Decease – Defeat Shroud Lair Boss (10xp)
  • Overdue Notice – Defeat Sprawl Lair Boss (10xp)
  • Reverse Banditry – Kill 100 Pillagers (5xp)
  • Bacon Bits – Kill 100 Swine (5xp)
  • No Gravestone Left Unturned – Each Confession Endboss should be Party Wiped (20xp)
  • It happens – Confession Endboss should be Party Wiped (5xp)
  • Hat Trick – In a single journey, get rid of 3 Lair Bosses (20xp)
  • Spelunker – Clear Sluice (5xp)
  • Rush Hour – Clear Sprawl (5xp)
  • Merry Time – Clear Shroud (5xp)
  • Harvest Festival – Clear Foetor (5xp)
  • To Grandmother’s House – Clear Tangle (5xp)
  • Ramble On – In the Stagecoach, drive 1k Leagues (5xp)
  • 20,000 Leagues Above the Sea – In the Stagecoach, drive 20k Leagues (20xp)
  • Autodidact – During Expedition, master 5 skills on one hero (5xp)
  • Shrine of Reflection – Backstory completion of all Heroes (20xp)
  • A Clear Conscience – Backstory completion of only one hero (20xp)
  • Whale – From the Hoarder purchase Indelible Trinket (5xp)
  • Trage – Disease Treat, Negative Quick removal and locking in Positive Quirk (5xp)
  • A Place to Play Your Head – Reach first Inn (5xp)
  • When you want something done right – Hire Bounty Hunter (5xp)
  • FNG – Fallen Hero Replacement find (5xp)
  • Pub Crawl – Visit each Inn in-game (20xp)
  • The Clash – Get to the Mountain with a full party and negative relationships on all (10xp)
  • Utopia – Get to the Mountain with a full party and Positive relationships on all (10xp)
  • Eidetic – Full roster of Heroes having one memory on each at least (20xp)
  • Nope – Abadon a single Expedition (5xp)
  • Unshackled – Complete Denial (20xp)
  • Grand Slam – Get rid of all five confessions with the same 4 heroes without anyone dying (100xp)
  • Hard Mode – Get rid of the final boss in the game with Stygian Blaze (100xp)
  • Road Trip – Have four stagecoach, a trophy, and a pet at the same time (5xp)

Furthermore, there are a total of 9 Hidden Achievements and Trophies in the game that you can get. By Hidden nature, we mean there aren’t visible to everyone.


That’s How to Get All Darkest Dungeon 2 Achievements. There aren’t any outward things here, just typical easy-to-do Achievements. Keep in mind that they might increase afterward when the Early Access is over.

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