How to Get Large Text on Discord - Discord Big Text!

How to Get Large Text on Discord – Discord Big Text!

You might have seen some fellow Discord Members using large text with the increased font on Discord. Quite strange because Discord actually doesn’t give you that option, or does it? Well, here in this guide we will show you How to Get Large Text on Discord or some people refer to it as “Discord Big Text”.

How to Get Large Text on Discord - Discord Big Text!

What’s the use of Large Font on Discord?

We wouldn’t be the ones to answer this question but let’s dig a bit deep into details here. When you are in a community on Discord, you will see different texts and voice channels.

As it starts to increase, the printed text on them starts to strain the eyes. Who wouldn’t want to ease the pain and have better visibility with a few steps? Straining the eyes is bad as your eyesight gets damaged, you feel tired, there is a headache and for people of beauty, you will get wrinkles around your eyes.

Increasing the Font or Text Size on Discord will help you save yourself from all of this. Here’s how to get Discord Big Text.

How to Get Large Text on Discord – Discord Big Text!

Keep in mind that the method we are going to mention here applies to both Desktop and Smartphones. So, whether you are on your System or on your App, you can get Large Text in no time. Follow the steps below;

Font Size Adjustment

  • Go to User Settings
  • Find Appearance
  • Find Chat Font Scaling

Touch or Click the slider and drag it up to increase the Font Size on Discord

Zooming In

  • In the above-mentioned tab, you will find Zoom Level
  • Move that slider to increase the Text Size

Shortcut Key

In the shortcut menu, you will find certain Shortcuts to increase your Text Size on Discord. Use these settings to quickly change things around without going to different settings.

  • If you are on Windows, use CTRL + to zoom in
  • If you are on Mac, press CMD + to do the same
  • To return, simply press CTRL or CMD and press 0

Discord Browser

Stop using the app on your Desktop. Instead, log into your Discord Account using a browser like Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and so on. Here you can simply go to settings and zoom in. Or, you can also Press CTRL on the keyboard and scroll your mouse scroll wheel up and down to increase or decrease the font.


Getting larger text or font size on Discord is a lifesaver if you ask me. The strain on your eyes and the pressure on your brain due to the small text size is horrible. Use the methods we mentioned here to Get Large Text on Discord. There are multiple ways to go for Discord Big Text. So, it basically depends on you whether zoomed-in is better than large font size.

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