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Ghostrunner 2 Issues with DX12 Use Explained

Ghostrunner 2 is the latest in the Ghostrunner series, a cyberpunk-style hack-and-slash game, where you play as a robotic ninja, doing parkour around the town, killing the AI enemies. While the game was said to be in DirectX 12, allowing for various options to be enabled like Ray Tracing, it never happened.

Now, players are using the DX11 version that disabled the features resulting in Ray Tracing Not Working. But, there is another way you can take to force the use of DirectX 12 (DX12) inside the game.

You can use the Steam Launcher, Launcher Settings to use DX12 instead of DX11, which enables the Ray Tracing option, but in return, you will have various issues. What are those issues and should you enable the Ray Tracing after DX12? Well, let’s talk about that below.

Ghostrunner 2 Issues with DX12 Use

Should you use DX12 in Ghostrunner 2?

No, you shouldn’t as the game wasn’t designed to be on the DX12 initially. To use Ray Tracing you need to have DX12 as the minimum, but the game is on DX11, which disabled the option.

As a result, players are manually shifting to DX12, which causes troubles like the Ghostrunner Crashing on Boss Fights, game Struttering, Lagging, and even not Launching for most people.

Therefore, you should not shift to DX12 just to use Ray Tracing in Ghostrunner 2.

What are Ghostrunner 2 Issues with DX12?

Just as we mentioned, there are various issues like Game Crashing, Not Starting, Lagging, Struttering, Low FPS, and so on. All of these are results of DX12 Force Use in Ghostrunner 2, which is automatically set on the DX11 use, hindering players from turning on the Ray Tracing Feature.

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