Netflix Gilmore Girls Renewal: New Season

Netflix Gilmore Girls Renewal: New Season

Gilmore Girls first released in 2000 and instantly became a hit. The show ended in 2007 and got another season in 2016. It was also streamed on Netflix. Netflix likes Gilmore Girls as well. The streaming service was a huge part of the new season of the series.

A lot of people like this show. It is considered one of the best shows from the 2000s. People like the show because of its simplicity and storyline. Netflix is the reason why the new generation is familiar with this show. Fans are demanding for another season from Netflix. There are many shows on Netflix that tried to have the same storyline as Gilmore girls but failed. “The sweet magnolias” is one of the examples.

We can not wait to listen to Carole King’s Gilmore Girls theme song again. It will be a magical ride for the fans of Gilmore Girls.

Amy Sherman-Palladino on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life

Amy Sherman-Palladino is the creator of the show. She is one of the reasons why the show is the best thing. 4 years ago she was this in an interview with Vogue magazine:

It was more like two intense years in the making. But it feels really great. It was such a whirlwind, from the moment we walked in to pitch it because we had a clock ticking. If we were going to [do it], we had to do it in a certain time frame, because it was the only time the [Warner Bros.] backlot was available to us, which was Stars Hollow. So there was no time to be slow. It was more like, “If we’re going to do this, we need to do this now! Start doing costumes; I don’t care what they look like!” 

It is true. A lot of shows are shooted in the Warner Bros studio. You will notice many movies having the same set as the Gilmore Girls. So it is clear. The reboot of the series completely depends upon the time slot of Warner bros. If Warner Bros is interested we might get another season.

Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling together in a high budget Netflix movie “The Gray Man”

Netflix Gilmore Girls Renewal: New Season

The future of the series

We saw how Lorelai secretly married Luke Danes in the last season “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life”. After all the years Lorelai still finds it difficult to find love and a stable relationship. Emily Gilmore is going to find a job. Rory was revealed to be pregnant in the last part. We are going to see who is the father in the next season of the show or the show might end with this mystery.

Netflix Gilmore Girls Renewal: New Season

There should be another show with Rory

If Warner Bros agrees, they can create another show with Rory or continue the show with Rory. Rory is a lot like her mother Lorelai. She has been a difficult person as well. Her behavior changes unpredictability and she is a split image of both Lorelai and Emily. They can continue the show with Rory as the lead.

Release date

There is no statement about the release date of the show. It is more like a rumor or warner bros are still thinking about another season of the show.


There is no trailer out yet. It seems like you will have to rewatch Gilmore Girls for a while

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