Ginny and Georgia Season 2: Who is Austin's dad?

Ginny and Georgia Season 2: Who is Austin’s dad?

Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia is all set to release next month. Fans have been waiting for the series season ever since season one dropped in February 2022. Season 1 of Gilmore Girl inspired Ginny and Georgia was watched for 953 million minutes. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger and had a lot of unanswered questions. Hopefully, all of them will be answered in Ginny and Georgia Season 2.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Release Date

According to Netflix’s Tudum, Ginny and Georgia season 2 will be released on 5 January 2023. Netflix also dropped the trailer for the upcoming season. However, the titles and the running time of the episodes have been revealed. There are going to be a total of 10 episodes in the upcoming season.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2: Who is Austin's dad?


According to Netflix the official synopsis of the season is:

“How do you live with the knowledge that your mother is a murderer? That’s what Ginny is going to have to figure out. Burdened with the new understanding that Kenny – her step-dad – didn’t die of natural causes, now Ginny must deal with the fact that Georgia not only killed, she killed to protect Ginny. Georgia on the other hand would much prefer that the past be left in the past, after all, she’s got a wedding to plan! But the funny thing about Georgia’s past is that it never stays buried for long…”

Season one ended with Ginny and Austin running away from their home to go to New York, where Ginny’s father Zion lives. Georgia comes home after celebrating Paul’s victory and finds the wolfbane in the fireplace. She is shocked to find out that her teenage daughter knows that she is a murderer.

Ginny will also deal with all the drama that happened with MANG last season. According to the trailer, Ginny is back with Marcus. But, things are sour between MANG and Max and this can affect her relationship with Marcus.

Sara Waisglass, who plays Max in the show, said that Max will change in season 2, and instead of a happy and energetic max, we will be seeing another side of her.

“I would say that at the end of season 1, Max goes through a pretty big betrayal. All through season 1, we’ve seen happy Max, we’ve seen energetic Max, and loving Max, and I think there’s a big change. I think people are gonna see a different side of her, an angrier Max — dare I say it”

Who is Austin’s dad?

Austin’s biological father will also return in season 2. Austin’s dad Gil Timmins is in prison for alleged embezzlement. However, Georgia lied to her son about his father sending him letters from prison. Also, Georgia never sent Austin’s letter to Gil and in the season one finale, Ginny sent the letters to Gil which made Georgia furious. It seems like Austin’s dad is back as a result of those letters. In the trailer, Austin reunites with his father. But, his face was not revealed.

According to the trailer, Georgia and Paul are also engaged. Also, the private investigator is also after Georgia to investigate the death of his ex-husband. So, with Austin’s dad back, things will become complicated for Georgia.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Cast

All the previous cast members will return. Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey will be back to play the lead roles.


Ginny and Georgia season 2 will be darker than season one. Ginny’s relationship will get complicated with her mother now as she has seen how far she can go to protect her children. But, all these complications will make the upcoming more exciting.

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