Google just confirmed Pixel 4 design

Google posted a very early photo Pixel 4. The picture is just showing the back of the phone, they didn’t show us the front side of the phone so we don’t know yet what display of Google Pixel 4 might look like.

Google confirms that this will be the first Pixel phone to have dual rear cameras, they already have implemented some amazing AR features in a single lens camera, what to expect in dual lens pixel? Apple provided it’s iPhone with zoom capabilities and enabling portrait mode, so we could expect any of these or any new AR features.

Above the two lenses, there is a small sensor, which is expected to be a spectral sensor.

The design shows that there is no rear-mounted fingerprint sensor in Pixel 4, so we can expect an in-display fingerprint sensor as those are getting trending in the new Android Phones.

One of the biggest drawback of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL was the fact that each phone only had 4GB of Ram, we are hopping they come with an upgrade this time.

There is also a rumor going on that Google is working on a new Facial Recognition software.

Expected Release Date?

The Pixel 4 is expected to come out in October, with a Snapdragon 855.

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