Google and Disney team up for a Mandalorian AR experience

How to use Google Mandalorian AR Experience Application

Google and Disney have partnered for the new upcoming Mandalorian AR Experience application. Astoundingly that will be featuring Mandalorian and surprising will be hearing that Baby Yoda is also a part of it. In a blog post, Matthieu Lorain stated:

“This Mandalorian AR experience will put you in shoes of a bounty hunter that will be followed by the trail of Mando Himself along with Din Dujardin”.

For me, the interesting part will be that players will interact with characters in AR and that will also capture scenes that are present in the app. It does not end here, It will be using ARore Depth API that will lead to occlusion. This means Google’s developer platform (AR core) will help to build an augmented reality experience. Let me explain this for loves of AR Core lovers as it will do the work of blocking AR objects from viewing the other real objects. Seen through your telephone, scenes will mix flawlessly with this present reality, so when Mando shoots you, it will be right in your own kitchen.

It has been a result of Google’s collaboration with Disney as well as Lucasfilm to aid in building Models and animations that are based in Hit Disney Plus shows. The whole new season will come to the app weekly and this is no farther than season 2 will become a part of it too.

How To Use Mandalorian AR Experience

Google Pixel phones recently included Star Wars: The Last Jedi AR stickers, however, Google has since moved away from placing content in the Camera application for more universally accessible other options, like the present contribution and AR creatures. This all is so fascinating for me. But the Mandalorian AR experience will only be supported by the compatible 5G Android devise. This means all Google Play services that have an AR feature will be able to use it. It is also remarked that it will soon be allowed on more Android devices soon.

Google has always worked on the STAR WARS theme. And this time again they have brought the STAR WARS theme for the new developing AR experience. As they used it in 2017 back as they introduced the AR strikers for the pixel 2. That was featuring Stormtroopers and R2 et. Mandalorian AR Experience application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. While you need not bother with a 5G association, utilizing the application, you can check whether you are even ready to run it on your gadget.

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