Safest GTA V Online Mod: Infinite Money Hack

Safest GTA V Online Mod: Infinite Money Hack

Epic Games recently gave away GTA V Premium Edition for free, but now the offer is over. This week a new mystery game is free, “Civilization VI”. However, you can still purchase the GTA V Premium edition at 50% off on Epic Games Store.

In Premium Edition, you gain access to Criminal Starter Pack along with bonus cash of 1 Million USD. After getting 1 M with Criminal Starter Pack, we have made a guide for you.

What to do with Criminal Starter Pack in GTA V Online

Use this guide to start your own criminal empire and earn enough money to buy your dream cars and offensive vehicles to make sure nobody messes with you in the session.

However, it’s really hard in GTA V Online to make money, if you are a lazy person. Heists, if you choose difficulty level hard, it is going to take a lot of attempts and time to earn a decent amount of money. You can do bunker missions, but they are also time-consuming in GTA V Online. We came across the Safest GTA V Online Mod which was released in 2018 and is still undetected.

Kiddion GTA V Online Mod

It’s one of the oldest mods and is still undetected, there is a very little chance of getting banned if you use this mod. This mod will allow you to make money easily. It also includes some extra features like Vehicle Spawning, GodMode, and teleporting.

Using the casino trick/method, you can make 2.5M per 5 seconds. So, it’s basically infinite free money. However, I’ll suggest first increase the level to 30-40 and then use this mod so nobody will suspect you. You only get ban if someone in the session reports you. So, never be too obvious.

Safest GTA V Online Mod: Infinite Money Hack

How to use it?

First download the mod from this url. After downloading it copy it somewhere. Open GTA V, when you are in an online session, open the mod. Click on OK.

  • <F5> to show/hide the menu,
  • <Numpad 0> to go back,
  • <Numpad 8> and <Numpad 2> to navigate up-down through the menu options.
  • <Numpad 4> and <Numpad 6> to decrease-increase the current value.
  • <Numpad 5> to activate an option, toggle its value or applying any changed setting

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