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GTA V Online Servers Down: Rockstar services unavailable

Epic Games recently revealed GTA V Premium Edition as the latest mystery game. It is free till 21st May, avail it before then and it will be forever yours to keep. After the release of GTA V Free on Epic Games Store, their servers went down badly, for like 6-10 hours, they were down. It happened due to the sudden spike in the traffic. Epic Games gave us the best quarantine gift, so it was expected.

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A while ago, GTA V Online Servers went down and players are getting the same message displayed on their screens “Rockstar game servers are unavailable right now Please return to Grand Theft Auto V”. This happened after the recent giveaway by the Epic Games. First with their store, now with Rockstar servers. Don’t panic, it will be fixed soon. So many new players recently joined after it was given away for free so their servers couldn’t handle the sudden spike in the traffic either. I was also in the middle of a mission and suddenly the servers went down.

GTA V Online Servers Down:  Rockstar services unavailable  Downdetector

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Downdetector also detected multiple reports related to GTA V Online Servers, the issue is worldwide. Roundabout 80% of players are facing this issue currently. The most affected regions are the UK, the US, and Europe.

We hope that they fix the servers as soon as possible, we will keep you updated with the status.

Update: Servers are down again. Add me on Rockstar: Masabsuperf

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