Guide to Beat Saber

Guide to Beat Saber – Top Beat Saber Tips and Tricks!

You haven’t heard of the name but you probably saw a VR game where you have a Lightsaber and objects appear upfront according to the Music playing. Well, that game is Beat Saber, and it’s quite a popular game. So, I thought why not make a proper Guide to Beat Saber where we will discuss some Beat Saber Tips and Tricks? 

Everybody knows about VR and AR nowadays, while gamers are mostly aware of this technology because of all the implementations going around. Out of all the crazy games in VR we get to enjoy, there is a certain game by name of Beat Saber which dominates all others and there is a good reason.

First of all, you get to enjoy some Lightsaber battle, you are dancing with the beats and it has that crazy RGB coloring going around that makes it quite a graphically incredible game. You just want to steal that VR Headset and enjoy that Lightsaber battle on your favorite song. It is that good!

What actually is Beat Saber?

If you are new to Virtual Reality and stuff, you might not be that used to the name Beat Saber. It is quite rare that you haven’t seen it even once in your lifetime, but who is here to judge, right? 

So, it is a really popular game that focuses on Virtual Reality where you have to wear Virtual Reality Goggles and have the controllers in your hand. The controllers will act as your Light Sabers, while the VR Goggles will take you into the world of Beat Saber.

Here, you will see RGB Coloring everywhere, and objects simply start running toward you from far off. There is the rhythm of Music in the background and the Objects appear upfront accordingly. 

Your job here is to slice the Objects and become a Dancing Superhero. It might sound quite fun and easy, but believe me, it is everything except easy. So, to make things easier for you we have here a Guide to Beat Saber and we will also discuss some Beat Saber Tips and Tricks in this Guide.

Guide/Tips and Tricks to Beat Saber

Below we will dig deep into the Guide to Beat Saber, so sturdy up and start reading with focus!


As we already mentioned, it is a game that focuses on the movement just like dancing, so you need to be in peak condition before you actually dive into the game itself. 

We all are human beings and have blocked movement when you don’t stretch out, resulting in slower/limited movement. So, do some stretching, move your arms around, do some classical steps, and pump that blood into your body.

If you really want to challenge someone to a duel, you can always kickstart your favorite song and do some steps there before actually doing the challenge. 

Check out this amazing Post from Esports Healthcare for Stretching

Ascending Order

You just can’t rush anything especially Beat Saber because that’s not how this game is programmed. Instead of directly challenging yourself to the harder levels, you need to slowly get going with the game.

Start from the lowest level, familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, its movement, and steps, and find your perfect spot. That is the best Guide to Beat Saber anyone can ever give you, believe me on this one!

Hold Up! We ain’t finished with this one. If you are someone who is completely new to the game, go for the Campaign Mode, it is much better. The songs from Jaroslav Beck are the best ever for beginners. You can start from there, go slow and then take on harder levels. 

Auto Restart on Fail is there

Yes, you actually don’t have to Restart yourself after failing here. Some might be crying after hearing this because it is quite a pain in the A**. In Solo Mode, after you take on challenges, you can switch On that Auto Restart.

It isn’t like “you miss and the round restarts”, rather it is more like “you miss a couple of shots and we can work on these steps again”. You get the point here, so don’t miss out on this option.

More on the Beat Saber Auto Restart in Solo Mode here

React, not Memorize

Have you heard the phrase “the person who builds concepts from the base is better than the person who just memorizes for the time being”? If you haven’t, well now you know it exists out there somewhere. 

Beat Saber is all about Reacting to the Beats and what appears upfront, rather than simply Memorizing the Song and the Objects that appear with that Rhythm. You might do good on that specific song, but you won’t become Great in this game.

The better the Headphones, the better you get

As a wise man said, “Spend good on your Headphones”. Most of the time we don’t focus on Headphones or sound when it comes to gaming. Well, you know what? Your Headphones matter as much as your other equipment does. 

If you want to perform in Beat Saber, you need to get the most focus and concentration you can get. For that, you need Headphones that can block out outside interference and give you the best sound without delay. 

Enjoy every moment!

Most of the time we let the Game and Competitiveness get to our heads. That is exactly what makes you tilt and lose a few skills that exist. Remember, you are here to enjoy the time because that is exactly what games are for. 

Pick an enjoyable song that you like, repeat it but change things around a bit as well. Have you heard of the Overcooked 3 Rumors going around? Well, we have an amazing Guide to Overcooked 3 to let you know whether its a cap news or not.

Final Verdict

These are the Beat Saber Tips and Tricks we have here in our Guide to Beat Saber. Hope this Guide helped you out in getting the most out of Beat Saber. So, keep dancing and light sabering around, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Hasta la Vista Gamer!


Is Beat Saber good for Working out?

You are dancing around with your footwork, and your arms and also training your reflexes. What more do you need from a VR game? Yes, you are working out quite well in Beat Saber.

Which Device is required for Beat Saber?

Beat Saber is a VR (Virtual Reality) Game that requires a VR Headset from you. You can buy and wear anyone you like as long as it’s working as it should.

Where to get Beat Saber from?

It isn’t like you get a game like this for free. You will have to Buy Beat Saber from Playstation Store, Oculus Store, Steam, or even Humble Bundle. 

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